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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Nov 12, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    JCPenneyman: JCPenney Customers Losing Their Religion

    Familiar faces are flocking to feast at JCPenney's merchandise offerings. All it took was dangling coupons and those that would "never forgive us", swore they'd "never set foot", would "tell all their friends" are suddenly back. See the poster, ponder on this, she's a classic example of a person who sins all week and repents to Father O'Malley on Sunday. This jackal was appalled over JCP but she found it in her heart to forgive us.She shopped over the weekend and used 7 coupons. Nice.

    You see it's "retail101". Forget what you've read or been told. Customers do forgive, but only if you pay them. beetleruss will wash his hands only if you see him come out of the bathroom stall.

    In the case of JCPenney it wasn't lesbian Ellen that made the customers stop shopping. Look closely at your family and I bet there is a gay person in your family tree. It wasn't that we fired people like liquidatorspecialist,retayl101,screwedbyjcp.(By the way we fired more people during Q's reign). We stopped paying the customer to shop our store. It was the lack of coupons and sales that drove the customer away.

    Customers have absolutely no morals, no loyalty. Don't believe me? Ask yourself "How's that Made In America Campaign Working? Is Walmart getting smaller? Ellen is still talking about JCPenney on her show and nuns and priests are visiting JCPenney again.

    JCPenney went coupon free and the customers GOT RELIGION. Heroin to a heroin addict calms the nerves. JCPenney just put a spike into our vein. Hello Lou Reed we're coming to see you.

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    • retay101 the ultimate Homer!, You wrapped yourself up nice and snug with the American flag, yet fail to call out anyone you align yourself with. Being an astute board watcher as yourself, and as many times you've cuddled with liquid, it's hard to believe you overlooked his anti- American / JCPenney comments? One can only assume where you priorities are.

      Thank you libboclub for having the guts to say something about his "USA is a paper tiger" comment.

    • Well, well,, well,,, I visit this board almost daily to see how "poorly" the stock is doing!! I must admit that I was so amazed to see that the JCPBOY is still alive, and "squawking" like a parrot about the dump of the JCP.....
      Trust us stupid,, the core customers are not back and will not be back!!!! And yes most family trees do have a gay person hanging on the limbs,, must we all guess that you are it in your family, that is if you have any family,, other than your dear mother that still allows you to perch in her basement.. And no dear, more people were not fired during Q's reign, your dumb buddy RJ has that record beat.. By the way,, where is he these days with his gopher grin, do you visit him often? If you had any clue about what RELIGION was you would not be comparing heroin addicts with it.. You were , still are, always will be an Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Being let go from jcp worked out very well for me financially Pennyman. I am still laughing at the whole scenario. Sure wouldnt want to be there now wading through that sewage. If you are so talented, why dont you leave for a better place ? All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other until you are at your vehicle. Then simply drive away. Then you could stop whining on this message board. In fact, you could join us on "the other side" and find out how fun it is to bash such a ridiculous excuse for a company.

    • So, you are pleased I cherry picked your store with 7 coupons in 7 transaction and spent under $100? Then did some serious shopping down the mall at Macy's?

      Spent more in Macy's shoe dept. than I did in all of JCP. JCP's shoe dept had a few customers - not Macy's - had to wait, but that was okay with me. Better shopping there.

      Spent more on 2 purses at Macy's than I did in all of JCP. JCP has a lousy handbag dept - they have a terrible selection now - cut way back, so what was once a great dept now stinks.

      That wool jacket I bought at Macy's cost more than what I spent at JCP

      And then over in ladies clothing...of course I spent more there.

      As I see it, if JCP were gone tomorrow, no big loss. Guess what? Your loyal core customer has left and only comes back occasionally to cherry pick - but we are now happily settled in at other stores, giving them our money. In fact, looking down our noses at what JCP carries - becoming "snobs", saying we can't believe that we once bought what you are selling. But we also see that the quality is worse than before.

    • Customers do forgive

      .9$% down - - - - - 33% to go - - - - at 1% per year that will take 33 years - - - - - too bad JCPenney runs out of cash next year - - - when you need a job come see me - - - - I'll invite Skrewed, Liquid, Lance, Mess and the rest - - - - - - we could all use a good laugh - - - - oh yeah, - - - - lose the parrot at the interview - - - - -

    • Customers have absolutely no morals

      Are you including the "Veterans" you dissed yesterday at "dregs" or have you decided in insult an entire new set of people your company is dependent upon - - - - - - people interested in retail can learn a lot from you - - - - you're the perfect poster boy of a "Bad Example and what NOT to do" .

    • Familiar faces are flocking to feast at JCPenney's merchandise offerings.

      "Flocking" ????

      .9% sales increase doesn't constitute flocking - it would be more of a "dribble" - or that many people accidentally went in the wrong door at the mall - - - - -or they're including all those truckloads that sold to Big Lot's - - but you keep hanging in there - - - - one of those crackpot theories of yours is bound to be right some day .

    • Each week Peeniemin gets smaller and more bitter. Understandable as he watches his pension slowly disappear.

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