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  • oracleofommaha oracleofommaha Nov 17, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    JCP…… it a GIFT or is it a GAMPLE at current levels???

    Im in a predicament , probably like many others. I am sitting with a lot of cash out of the market, wishing I was In. Yes, I traded in and out on a few stocks , lost some , made some money , net net up for the year, but IF I had just got more aggressive , not thinking, "oh we can't get much higher in the DOW , S & P and general market, I would have been much better off. Now I sit saying that I need to make a large bet and I THINK JCP is the one to put a lot of $ in on, as the reward here is great if in fact the turn around story pans out. ANY THOUGHTS?

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    • It is always a gamble no matter what you invest in, unless you want to earn a pathetic safe percentage.

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    • My logic is simple... Invest in 4 stocks that are famous and struggling. Like JCP, Zynga, National Bank of Greece etc. If one of them does well and all other go bankrupt you will still get your money back. The only case you will lose money is when all 4 go down. If two of them do well you will make a lot of money... Buy share when the talk about the company is real bad. Bought JCP ~$6.8... Zynga at 3.00.... Wait till you hear the BK rumors by Shorts... Invest!!!.... I am not saying you will always come out winning... But when you invest in Big stocks (Famous once that are struggling)... The odds are you will make money if you invest in 4 to 5 of companies like these

    • Sounds like 'I need to catch up' - which is bad psychological ground for making investments. I'm 90% cash now (LT portfolio) and happy for it. These past three years have been astonishing, so I'm relaxed sitting it out awhile. If you've been 'hitting and missing' with low results during this bull market, it might be a good time to re-examine why. That's my two cents.

    • check the chart on ZNGA

    • Couldn't agree more with your thinking..I'm in the stock but have held money in reserve just to see what takes place in the coming weeks and Christmas season..I do feel good about there chances of a successful turn around..G/L

    • This is one place where I agree with Cramer's general philosphy: Wait until after both the earnings release and the conference call to decide whether or not buy.

    • Nobody can tell the future, however, Sales are up, SSS are up, online sales are up 38%, Insider buying, and now I believe 4 Hedge funds just bough JCP this past month. Not telling you what you should do, but in my opinion the writing is on the wall.

      I too was also in your exact position. Back in March I was talking to a buddy of mine who also trades, and we were saying that this market has to have a correction sometime, but it didn't really seem to come. I lost on Apple at the beginning of the year, shorted LUV and lost my a.s.s. on that thinking it should have gone down with oil over 100+ but that didn't happen. So now I'm in JCP trying to make up some losses and should have a decent gain by year end.
      Anyway, good luck to ya, happy hunting.

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    • I'm personally bullish on JCP and will continue with the momentum. However, I recognize that this is one of my most speculative investments. If I were more risk averse and had money on the sidelines most of the year, I don't think I would be looking to load up on JCP just from the risk perspective.

      I think we all know the pros and cons of the stock and it basically comes down to whether you believe the company will turn around. I think they will we are starting to see those early results. However, an equal argument could be made that their runway is too short and macro challenges too difficult.

      So feels more like a gamble to me. High risk but high reward if it pans out.

    • parisonr Nov 17, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

      Well, we are sitting in the same boat. We are four to 1 cash versus market. We do own 6,000 shares
      of JCP on the big drop. I personally think this company will be the comeback stock for 2014. My opinion!

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