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  • stihlman500 stihlman500 Dec 24, 2013 1:14 PM Flag


    ouch, thats gonna leave a mark baggies. Even your "online sales were great, UP 37%" fluff pump is false according to the UT San Diego report. Good luck.
    Im sure Myron is already planning the next round of BS lies to spin the awful December.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • JCP sales were double as sediment drives the stock not the amount. of growth in sales. See you @$11 first week of JAN if not sooner.

    • so you don't think folks will come out in droves for the after Christmas sales?

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      • so you don't think folks will come out in droves for the after Christmas sales?

        They always do - - - - that's when you can use your Christmas gift card and buy the same full price merchandise one day later for 75% less - - - of course that's below cost and a real margin killer, but that would actually cause us to take a more than a drive-by superficial look at the true condition of the company.

    • retail traffic plummeted by an unprecedented 21% last week, and in-store sales decreased 3.1% from the year before, dashing retailers' hopes that the final stretch before Christmas would offset soft sales numbers earlier in the holiday shopping season.

      UT San Diego reports:

      The disappointing numbers, released by ShopperTrak on Monday, are "kind of staggering," said the research firm's founder, Bill Martin, who last week voiced optimism that retailers would see a noticeable spike in traffic and sales the week of Dec. 16-22 after two consecutive weeks of decreases in both.

      He attributed the latest nosedive to successful November promotions, and bad weather last week in the Midwest and other central states. An increase in virtual window-shopping has prevented consumers throughout the shopping season from setting foot in many stores to look, feel and compare prices, he added.

      OUCHIE ! LMAO !!!!!!!

    • Online sales are a joke at JCP. However, I remember when Books a Million (BAMM) shares went up from $2 to $48 in 1998 because they had a press release that said they were opening a website to compete with AMZN. Maybe Ullman can pump JCP to $12 with the popcorn fart online sales PR. He can get pumper of the month from buywhenallbazh or Karim or bigmonkey. We all know most shorts and longs on this board are around a week. Any movement and panic sets in. 24 Feb is along time to wait until earnings for longs and shorts with limited attention spans.

    • beetleruss Dec 24, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

      Merry Christmas, JCP baggies. The New Year is not going to be so nice. Too bad, so sad.

    • stihlman - it's the same thing every year in retail - - - not a secret and not rocket science - - - -

      retayl101 • Nov 25, 2013 7:38 PM

      I've been in/around retail a long time - - - the scenario is usually the same

      1. Before the season starts - - - "It's going to be an awesome season because of XXX"
      2. Around Black Friday/Cyber Monday - - - - "We think people are waiting until later when they know the prices will be at their best"

      3. Right before and after Christmas - - - - - - - "Well the reason we didn't do as well as we anticipated was"

      - They are waiting to use their gift cards and we can't book those sales yet.
      - The weather was bad in the "northeast" "northwest" "southeast" "southwest" - - - (take your pick)

      - We had "more"/"less" days between "Thanksgiving" "Christmas" "Hanukkah" "New Year's" "My birthday" - - (pick two)

    • Again your a stupid retail short that does not understand how the game is played. You should have been spouting your #$%$ @19.

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