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  • emmetrope_ou emmetrope_ou Jan 29, 2014 1:28 PM Flag

    Jacking prices is Ullman's M.O.

    What the NYTimes claims has been the way JVP operates. Johnson did away with it but Ullman brought it back by reflex. Laws are on the books to prevent this type of fraudulent behavior, but my research says no one has been prosecuted successfully for this deceptive behavior in years. A case is being prosecuted in California(?) now. From what I learned at UC Berkeley, non- sales prices must be in effect for a substantial period before a lower price can be called a sale.

    The million moms, the one's that may have hurt JCP sales because of their opposition to homosexual Ellen D. Should focus their efforts on dishonest practices like this pricing scheme.

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    • Listen, isn't that what all retailers do? Try to get the highest price from buyers willing to pay that price? I remember in college I bought a beautiful dress for a dance, it was full priced and expensive (maybe a $150 dress now) , but I didn't care, I looked fabulous in it. Also, this "new" economy talked about by an "expert" on Coast to Coast last night........women like things that aren't wrinkled, they like to try things on and see what it looks like in a mirror, AND, like the guys, they like and NEED to get out of the house once in a while.

    • I received a 50% off coupon by email for Neiman Marcus today. Those rascals, they're trying to cheat me.

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