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  • deepseajohnny deepseajohnny May 21, 2014 3:32 PM Flag

    Curious to know why all the negative articles appeared after great earnings

    It seems like there is a ploy to burn the house down in spite of 2 great turnaround quarters. Seems they are doing everything right yet being punished by bear prognosticators. Where was this bearish sentiment and brilliance prior to earnings? Wow...I have never seen so much negativity yet when I visit JCP they can't keep the Disney stores supplied. Plus they have great marketing I have seen on TV and in my mailbox making me want to shop once again at JCP. Where do the bears go before they cover? Is this closer to $5 or $11? Seems if they improved whereas the others ie Walmart, Target and others lost market why are we back to pre-earnings prices? I just don't get it and wanted to express this sentiment b/c I just don't believe if I became a short trader there is much more to bleed out of this stock.

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    • ...because earnings showed a $350m loss for q1 and guided to a +$1b for 2014. You are over-analyzing trying to justify a speculative play that back-fired.

    • Obviously to maximize profits for the shorts by letting the SP run as high as possible before they tanked it. They knew that the stock has very little support over 9 so it was a win-win situation for them.

    • parisonr May 21, 2014 4:30 PM Flag

      Because the corrupt big boys on Wall Street were holding short positions on this stock; they had to come out with negative nasty articles so they could drive the stock down. But of course, our SEC allows this corrupt manipulation. The retail investor doesn't have a prayer against the power of the corrupt.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • beetleruss May 21, 2014 4:07 PM Flag

      You want to know why all the negative articles appeared after great earnings? That's simple - there were no 'earnings', only losings. While JC Penney did have a slightly positive same store sales, JC Penney continues to lose money hand over fist. So-called negative writers are pointing out the facts. JC Penney has a far way to go to get itself out of the danger zone. As it is, JCP is a speculative endeavor, not an investment.

    • It's almost impossible to change people, or their opinions. Those that fervently believed that JCP would fail haven't changed their opinion, but have only changed the schedule. Even after JCP starts making money, there will be those that continue to predict its demise.

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      • It's almost impossible to change people, or their opinions. Those that fervently believed that JCP will survive haven't changed their opinion, but have only changed the schedule. Even after JCP continues to lose money, there will be those that continue to predict its turnaround.

      • Maybe I'll just become another negative lemming and sell the pops but that just doesn't make good common sense. I don't think anyone is predicting JCP will be out of biz in next couple years. Even with all this negativity it would take years and they still have solid real estate enterprise value. I just can't understand the dark side of owning this stock for the next year or 2. There is a recover in place whether shorts want to admit it or not. They couldn't have done much better and are showing improvement. I may get crushed on this one but rarely am I wrong. The only bad decision I can make now is selling on these fear mongers scare tactics.

    • Read my post regarding a conspiracy theory, since you have noticed as well...And please reply.

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      • Hey I'm just investing to make some money and everything looked clear to go long. I figured we'd have a sustained period of short covering but this is a bloody mess and I would have never guessed to go short on decent news. Especially after todays run to 9.2 and then it sinks .7. Wow, just wish I had profited from that sink hole but I'm sitting her paralyzed and stunned at how low this thing has gone on NOTHING but NEGATIVITY given the security of a decent quarter.

      • The point is after beating analysts predictions, albeit it not spectacular, the run up followed immediately, and the media began pounding JCP right after, and still do.. Except for Cramer, remember he worked for a hedge fund, perhaps that is his way of attempting to pull the covers off what they are attempting to do? The conspiracy theory is alive and well.
        JCP getting legs as they used to say, and the outfits that have a heavy short position and need time to cover,
        have put their spokesmen to the task of discouraging would be buyers. Not fooling me, no siree, got to be in it, to win it...GO Ullman, Go JCP..(GO JCP shorts, go somewhere else)! ...

    • The earnings were only "great" in you mind because you want them to be great. They LOST more money this year than last, that's the wrong direction. They increased their line of credit, another bad thing.

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      • "they lost more money this year than last"
        Where are you getting this #$%$ from? Their income before taxes improved by 37%!!!
        The only reason net income shows a loss qtr over qtr was because of a reduced tax benefit.

        Wow I am frankly shocked at the shallow assessment that is coming from you.

        The only thing the analyst can harp about is the increased line of credit. However, another company with increasingly positive trends, increasing a line of credit to support their recovery, would have been received differently.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Just curious, where do you plan to cover? This was at 5 not that long ago. Do you plan to see if it gets that low?

      • Well investors are supposed to invest prior to big moves up not after and as a long investor I was right. Thus the major move up and then all the negativity. They beat all analysts expectations and even a short seller can recognize that is a good thing. Sadly there is no follow through b/c so much money has been invested into shorting the stock and they will stop at nothing to protect their clients assets. I don't think I would have played it the other way. I look for the bottom and invest up and if all this negativity and fear ended today you'd see a $12 stock. Just give it one day and like a rubber band it will bounce back. Staying put for now, no sense in giving this one away at pre-earnings prices.

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