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  • screwedbyjcp screwedbyjcp Jul 11, 2014 5:28 PM Flag

    New SEC Alert but not able to view...any ideas

    This document was generated as part of a paper submission. Please reference the Document Control Number 14007938 for access to the original document.
    The alert is an 11K but the above statement is the only think that I am able to view. Does anyone know how to go about getting access to the document?

    The SEC Alert was sent out today but dated 6/30.


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    • IDEA!! The 6/30/14 11K has to do with the JCP Employee savings plan. Connect the dots.

      Zamansky LLC Investigates J.C. Penney Corporation Over Its Employee Savings, Profit-Sharing And Stock Ownership Plan

      Business Wire
      Zamansky LLC
      July 2, 2014 8:00 AM

      JCP is making sure this investigation will lead nowhere. I made it a point some time ago to point out that management made no effort to suspend voluntary employee contributions to purchase JCP stock.
      Indeed, that was a signal to the employees, equity and debt holders that JCP had no intentions to file for B protection. That's one reason why I'm buying at every opportunity. I spoke to a few store managers, and employees on this subject.

      GM prior to declaring bankruptcy in June 2009 did prohibit their employees from buying their stock.
      Many say, the reasons were they had every intention to file, contrary to what you read about the bondholders and the UAW making concessions. By doing this act they avoided lawsuits from their employees that surely would follow.
      The only ones that took a haircut, which turned out to be a scalping is the shareholders and unsecured bond holders. The UAW was handsomely rewarded, all for labor votes.

      More to come for those interested.

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      • "I spoke to a few store managers, and employees on this subject"

        Of course you did. Walked into SEVERAL stores and had the store manager paged

        You live in New York, known for it's "Howdy Neighbor" and "Go out of their way to help you" attitude

        - Paging store manager....Paging store manager

        - Yes, what is it?

        - Market is here to see you and discuss your pension plan

        - Great, show him to conference room A, I'll be a few minutes while I round up some of the last non-part time employees that still get benefits, then I'll sort out the ones that have the most expertise with our pension plan

        - So block out the next hour out of my schedule, I wouldn't want him to be late for his appointment with ALL the other store managers.


      • markitvalue "Sure, Mr Ullman bought phantom shares".."Macy's CEO has tons of shares by virtue of stock options..."

        Glad I was able to help you figure out the 11K had nothing to do with Ullman's options - - - - - - - - - - - Now say "Thank you Brandon" - - - - - - - - - - - - - now that you're up to speed and connecting all the dots - - - - - - there are three other dots you need for your etch-a-sketch picture - - - - - - the form was filed on 6-30-2014 - - - - - the suit was filed on 7-2-2014 - - - the amended form was refiled on 7-11-2014 - - - - - - - uh-oh !

    • Sure, Mr Ullman bought phantom shares...Happens all the time. Look at the Macy's CEO he has tons of shares by virtue of stock options...

    • Surprised someone hasn't answered this yet - - - - - seems to be a lot of people on the board with all the answers - - - - - or should we make this a question for Fraud85??? - - - -

      I believe this is the annual report of employee stock purchases/plans for last calendar year - - - - it's not submitted in digital format, only hard copy. The filing date was changed to today but don't know why. That info is above my pay grade. Anyone with better info feel free to make corrections, anyone??, anyone??

      You can find the purpose of an 11-k on Investopedia - - - - - I realize Mike thinks anyone recommending Investopedia as a learning tool is a "dolt" but I heartily disagree.

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