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  • toto452000 toto452000 Sep 5, 2001 6:32 PM Flag

    Reply to Afooland hismoneyshallsoonpart

    Why do you think this only affects retirees. You are probably some 28 year old wonder who thinks you have the world by the tail. This decision affects everyone. By the time you retire there will be NO NONE GONE OVER FINISHED health care benefits for retirees. So between now and the time you are 60, make sure that neither you nor your spouse develop high blood pressure, high colesterol, diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc. etc. because you will be worse off than we are. We have to pay an arm and a leg for it, but you won't be insurable at all. So forget about retiring until age 68 because at your age that's when you will be eligible for Medicare.

    If Penney's has to depend on people like you for their brains they're in worse trouble than they know. You are the ones who should be ranting and raving about this change but you're too lazy to worry about it.

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    • AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart Sep 6, 2001 4:37 PM Flag

      OK IId, whatever on the spelling issues. I think you got my point and the MORAL of the story is...don't be a STOKER!

    • For the record, "thru" is an appropriate spelling of the word.

      I meant "stokers", again an appropriate word. Those are the guys on the old coal fired steam ships which kept the fires going. You know, one of the little guys that is always being dumped on by the captain.

      I'll give you "your" vs you're, and "decipher" vs decifer. But, when you continually interchange moral with morale, especially when you're trying to tell me that increased stock price, increased sales and GP are going to "correct the moral" of the company, that is really out of kilter. Who knows, you may have been talking about "moral", although "moral" and "JCP" are now an oxymoron. Those words have DRASTICALLY different meanings, and their use was important in the context of what was being discussed.

      Dump On You,

    • AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart Sep 6, 2001 3:48 PM Flag

      Can't answer your question as to why getting rid of lost prevention will help. I don't recall mentioning that it would and without knowledge in this area I would not claim to know.

      I guess a company would need to look at shrinkage cost and then compare it to the cost of loss prevention and decide if it is cost effective. I would think you would also want to compare this to the cost of shrinkage in competitors that do not have loss prevention.

      I will say that I do think the people running the show didn't just decide to drop loss prevention on a whim and I am sure that they looked long and hard at the numbers before coming to this decision.

      I will state one more time and if you read all of my messages you will see that I do not agree with all the changes being made by the current leaders but that I feel that this company is better off than it was in the past two years. Just my two cents...

    • Afool, please tell me how getting rid of loss prevention will help this company become profitable. This is also one of the changes that is happening now. This clearly makes no sense what so ever. The way things are going now, there wont be anyone in the stores. It will all be self serve. All you will need is someone to unload a truck or two and then a few people to take the merchandise to the salesfloor. There will be scanning cash registers so that you dont need anyone to ring up sales. The STORE ASSOCIATES ARE WHAT MAKES A COMPANY. The people in the BOD dont have a clue on what it takes to serve the public.

    • AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart Sep 6, 2001 3:23 PM Flag

      IId, came in from cutting the glass to read your latest attack.

      OK IID...I was hoping that it wouldn't come to this but in response to your spelling error post I feel I would be remiss if I didn't point this out.

      I never claimed to be an English major and you obviously got the "crux" (your word not mine although I prefer jest) of my messages but some people never learn and need to be take down a few notches.

      As I tried to point out to you earlier, people in glass houses IId...people in glass houses...

      And I quote...

      Message 36051
      "Rose Colored glasses are easy to find. It's seeing THRU to the underlying potential problems which is sometimes hard to DECIFER.

      thru? (Or did you mean THROUGH?)
      decifer? (Or did you mean deciPHer?)

      Message 36066
      "I guess you and I WILL just have to agree to disagree, as I don't know how you're going to turn around a ship--and then keep it running on course, without able bodied sea(wo)men, stokers, etc."

      stokers? (Or did you mean stoCkers?)

      Message 36074
      "Based on you're situation, I feel for you."

      you're? (Or did you mean YOUR)

      Why don't you come down of that high horse of yours and walk among the rest of us mere mortals?

    • Why don't you get a dictionary and look up the difference between MORAL and MORALE. Please then explain to me how a rise in stock price, sales and GP positively affects MORAL.......???????????

      The Golden Rule was out the door PRIOR to the decline brought on by JO's incompetence. In fact, if it HAD BEEN the policy of the company with regards to it's employees and clients, it might just have been that the decline would not have occurred. It's ever amazing how much you get out of a positively mentally astute employee, versus one that has nothing but negativity in their psyche.

      Also, what makes you think that talent brought into Plano will stay? Poor morale is probably as rampant among midlevel as it is among the lower, store level. They see the same handwriting on the wall as does the guy/gal in the stores. In fact, as they are necessarily harder to replace(you can hire the housewifes, part timer/second jobbers, high school, college kids to clerk and stock--but mid management needs experience), that drain will be even more devestating than any such drain at the stores(except for the GOOD local managers).

      Fixing the shell, while necessary, is only 1/2 the job. You still need the guts, which is now being driven off by the greed on Plano(greed which you as an investor should be equally against). After fixing it, you'll be left but nothing but a shell.

      Dump On You,

    • AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart Sep 6, 2001 12:42 PM Flag

      "What does an increasing stock price, improved sales numbers and GP have to do with moral?"

      Are you kidding me? You really need me to answer that question? If you don't think these things play on ones moral than you are living in another world. So, I will break it down for you.

      Increased stock price affects every employee's pocket and ultimately their quality of life. Increased sales number and GP prove that things are not as bad as they were, hence things are in fact improving.

      As afr as your ref to the golden rule, it did not appear to be wroking or we would not be having these exchanges, would we?

    • AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart AFoolAndHisMoneyShallSoonPart Sep 6, 2001 12:36 PM Flag

      OK IId, I will agree that we disagree.

      In response to your statement "Once all the mid talent now at JCP has been run off.� I would say to that, that many of those good people were also promoted and moved to Corp. and that the current business model does not require the level of talent at the store level that it did in the past.

      Those talented people that have been left behind would be better off to leave JCP and take their extensive retail knowledge to another company.

      From what I understand about JCPenney past, the managers/merchandisers from JCP were highly regarded in the industry for their broad extensive retail knowledge and could work for just about any company they choose.

      Good luck to those of you that choose this path, I'm sure you will do quite well.

    • What does an increasing stock price, improved sales numbers and GP have to do with moral?

      The now defunct "Golden Rule" had to do with morality in the company. That will probably never be reinstated with the direction of the present bunch running the ship.

      Or, am I not the one that needs to calm down, so that one can post with proper thought expression?

      Dump On You,

    • I guess you and I WILL just have to agree to disagree, as I don't know how you're going to turn around a ship--and then keep it running on course, without able bodied sea(wo)men, stokers, etc. The captain can't run it by himself, but I guess you think a company the size of JCP can.

      Once all the mid talent now at JCP has been run off, leaving only the dredges that CAN'T go elsewhere, do you really think that they'll all come flocking back in the future? I guess you do, as that's the essence of your posts.

      Me, I think not. So, I guess there is a fundamental chasm in our thought processes. will tell.

      Dump On You,
      Cry From Plano,

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