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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jun 11, 2001 8:08 PM Flag


    investor. i do not go to infocomm. i do own some panja. i am not pleased that panja decided to turn into a bus wreck.

    this name change is a pathetic announcement that bodes ill for the company. it demonstrates to me that management still has no grip on how to deliver shareholder value.

    panja is looking like one of those backwater companies that will be lucky to add $1 a year to average share price in a good year. not worth the risk. the disaster continues.

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    • I think that the name change is a great thing, and in the long run will help to raise the stock.

      In my opinion, AMX is a company who manufactures a great product and has a great support record. For the last two years, that message was lost due to the message the past CEO tried to make. If the company gets back that ZEST that it once had and continues to develop the advances in hardware that it has shown to date, it will become successful again and the stock will follow.

      It seem's the last CEO tried to follow the dot com's lead and get the company valued on hype instead of performance.

      Now that doesn't work does it! If you were at Infocomm, as I was, you would have seen the great response the name change received.

      Let the company do what it does best.... support it's dealers and their customers like no one else has in the past.

      I think that good things are already happening and are going to keep happening now that the company has a CEO that cares about the company and the industry and not the personal profit (not that that won't happen by running the company properly).

    • Net,
      Why do you continue to make foolish noise, not only here, but on Raging Bull as well? I endorse the name change. Panja connotes failure, while AMX enjoys a fine reputation. The negative contribution of AMX is that it provided cash for the ill fated trip into broadband. Management does have a grip on how to deliver shareholder value. Perhaps what we need are more shareholders of value.

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      • Money down the drain.......that's what's in a name. Foolish to change the name in the first place, granted, but changing back indicates a few things.

        A CEO with an ego problem.

        A company grasping at straws to figure how to right the ship.

        A client base that has no clue what to call it's products anymore.

        How can you purchace a stock when you don't even know what the symbol is? And how much is this going to cost the company? Is this considered cost cutting? Let's lay off some more employees to make room under the cap for the name change. How about using that money somewhere else like research and development, or quality control?

        Yea, a name change is going to change the direction of the company. Smart.

      • Personally, I don't think a name change is going to do much.... but just like Scott I'm hoping that a name change will get rid of the bad taste that the Broadband failure has left in the mouth of Panja employees....

        I still wouldn't buy any stock of the company yet.... gotta see a turn around first.

    • How about having a CLUE as to what you are speaking BEFORE you demonstrate to the world just what a pathetic opinion this really is?