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  • thespianutah thespianutah Jul 2, 2014 3:18 PM Flag

    proud whopper? the flaming burger? are you kidding me?


    yeah, disgusting, then u want me as a Christian to eat there? I am not going back....disgusting, burger king also favors open borders for low they will be burger queen , get the hershey highway desert

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    • I had to verify to believe this was even possible. Burger King can have their gay food. When I eat at any restaurant I do NOT want to relate my food intake with sex, sexual orientation, crotch area, rear end area, STDs, or abortion. I don't want to know that some of the profits of my meal will be going to HIV/AIDS research. I don't go to restaurants to support cancer. Wow - what do we go to restaurants for ? I want a good meal, for a good price, with good service ! How freakin' simple is that ?
      If a restaurant owner wants to give money away, that I gave to them for my food, I tend to not want to know about it. If the restaurant is in my face about stuff like this, I think I look for another place to eat.
      I would SELL on the basis of STUPID MANAGERIAL CHOICES HERE at BUGER KING. I no longer "GAG GAG" can stomach their food notions.