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  • djangosblues djangosblues Jan 9, 2013 6:59 PM Flag


    Here in the real world when money is tight, thats when you go to these type stores. You don`t say .... well i`ve just hit the jackpot so lets splurge and go shop at dollar general tonight !!! What part of America are these anal ist from anyhoo ??

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    • I agree, when you are watching every dollar you spend you don't go to the upscale retailer you go to DG, only makes sense. This stock is going to move up sharply it's time has just not gotten here yet. I have looked at the DG stores around here they are clean, well stocked and usually pretty busy. It is going to happen just need some patience. Wall Street is not as smart as they think they are, I have had big wins with stocks that the "smart guys" said were dogs. TSCO is one of them. Look at a 5 year chart on TSCO, Joe Kernen and the other CNBC brains were laughing and making fun of TSCO about 4 years ago. They really knew what they were talking about??

    • I'll go to DG whether the economy improves or recedes. I buy fill-in items, not volume purchases. Most of the other people I see there seem to do likewise. It disappoints me that tobacco is coming though. That's an item they can't provide in superior value, margins are very low, sales are in decline, theft,is certain, and employees need to be upgraded. In short, it changes the complexion of their business, and at least in my area, it will be negative, in spite of much higher sales.

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    • True, but on the other side of the coin, the recent payroll increase will cut into the amount of money people will have to spend at places like DG.

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      • You many be right. The way I see it, there's lots of competition for fewer dollars whether it's DG, Walmart, Dollar Tree, etc. Fewer dollars with lots of people wanting those dollars means less business for most. Even though I own DG, there's really not a whole lot of difference from what I can see between the Dollar Generals, Family Dollar, and many other discount retailers as far as the merchandise they sell.

      • bobhals: you are 180 degrees off. with the recent payroll increase it will cut into the amount of money people will have to SPEND AT ALL PLACES. thus making purchases at DG gives even more VALUE.

        as stated on this post, customers DO NOT win the lottery and decide to go to DG.

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