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  • vandman77 vandman77 May 3, 2011 3:59 AM Flag

    WOW! What a roller coaster ride this turn out to be

    I still can't believe it! Holy Cow!
    Isn't this like a story that came out of Hollywood Movies. I was long on the stock big time.
    After the stock halted, I was worried like hell. After DTT letter, I was depressed.
    It took me over a month to finallly convince myself that my money is probably gone. News about the company trickle out is weird. Such as CEO attended Forbes Conference, keep stating they are legit company but nothing to back that up, the AAA credit rating, lawyer statement, etc. Finally, they release a news that is worth of PR. What is going to happen now? I don't know, but this turn out to be the biggest roller coaster of my life.

    Just imagine if this company is proven it's legit with no accounting problem. with a growth close to 100% in a year, earnings at more than 3.00 and growing. What will the stock price be?

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    • only only this stock board could that desperate pump get 5 stars.

    • system_architect_enterprise system_architect_enterprise May 3, 2011 8:09 AM Flag

      Under normal circumstances, with a P/E of 10 @ $3.00 eps that would push the stock to $30/share. @ a P/E of 15, it runs to $45.00/share.

      Even if they prove conclusively that there was no accounting fraud, there will be a discount for having the problem at all. Deloitte walked for a reason, as did the CFO, and those will weigh on the stock no matter what.

      So, even if the stock was fairly valued at $45.00/share, it would hang around the $30.00 mark just because it has been associated with the problem. Even if fully vindicated in every way, this is the damage the coordinated short selling machine causes.