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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Jul 24, 2011 9:47 PM Flag

    So have they simply stopped all reporting?

    Guilty until proven innocent eh? I guess that is one way to do it.

    Right now there is still NOTHING that has been proven or admitted to be fraud. Sure just about everybody thinks it, but it is all about innuendo and allegation. No real proof. That is the flaw in this whole Chinese market situation right now.

    Whether it is fraud, or legitimate, is un-knowable right now. Therefore it would be in all our best interest to steer clear of them until we have verifiable proof it is legitimate.

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    • At this point I am not even sure if the company itself knows whether it is a fraud or legitimate or if those terms even apply anymore. The valuation is so low at this point that it is almost like completely starting over so good luck to all. At least the board has quieted down. Let's try and keep it civil.