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  • deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore Dec 21, 2002 2:32 PM Flag

    In your opinion

    Why would I want to be VP again?

    All kinds of free goodies! You get your own driver, full security detail and those very nice vehicles to ride in along with first class eats - mm good! And all at taxpayer expense. Now I have to actually pay for my own stuff! And all you have to do is show up at state funerals once in a while and sit there looking at the back of the Presidents head during state of the union addresses and counting the number of gray hairs.

    And then there is the opportunity to meet with space aliens from dozens of different planets and cutting deals with them - technology in exchange for surplus humans.(and NO! I am not a space alien as many accuse me of being) Where do you think the military got all those neat new weapons in the 90's? Now that I am out of the loop not one alien ambassador will return my calls!

    After Sharpton completes his 2 terms I will try another run for the Whitehouse in 2012.

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