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  • tradelogic2001 tradelogic2001 Dec 29, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    Going Down to Zero--Jokers and Clowns

    Cries of the price going down to zero was repeated on this board by resident paid BASHERS and joined by new Bashers some of whom have followed me from the MPET board where I am accumulating the stock, and as amateurs were fooled trying to short HAFC. I have written why HAFC will go up after the reverse split and it did though it has stalled due to end of the year tax loss selling. Watch it go above $8.00 again during next few weeks. Only an idiot will believe that the price of a firm which just raised 80M and had three consecutive quarters of positive earnings will go down to zero. And a bunch of fools including the Bashers who have followed me from the MPET board beleiving that the price will ALWAYS go down after a reverse split are going to lose a bundle. They went short at $0.85 and the longer they wait to cover the more they will suffer. That is what happens to amateurs who cannot think for themsleves and are fooled by generalizations and oversimplifications. Soon the Paid Bashers will disappear and move on to another stock under a new assumed name as well as the amateur dropping out after going broke. But I will be here, posting under the same name as I have for many years, taking profits incrementally and going to the bank while laughing at all these jokers and clowns.

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