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  • seth_london Sep 29, 2011 4:04 PM Flag


    So I didn't check this stock for a week, look what happened tech? How long till this is delisted from the exchange???

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    • Correct. NSPH's ultrasensitive troponin assay will be the first...

      Notice again you did not point to anyone else with one... You are again trying to misdirect and mislead.

    • They had $54MM in cash at the end of June. My recollection was the CFO projected future cash burn around $6MM per quarter over the next year AFTER the Plavix setback. In other words, plenty of time to get the FAST TRAC results and troponin submission...

    • Tech,

      Only have done well the last week, unfortunately. Started shorting GMCR at the first 85 breakout. Used out of the money puts so I didn't get hurt too bad. Made most of my loses back on the violent drops.

      But I'm really intrigued with NSHP. I like those odds, a dollar to make 10? I'll take it! I've been doing some reading tonight and have seem some really positive reviews on their products. I work in a retail pharmacy and have made friends with a bunch of MDs over the years, I will have to start picking their brains. Ultrasensitive troponin will be huge. Half of all er heart attacks are bad heartburn if they could test for it .... it could save tons! The Plavix metabolism test setback sucks but I can't see it not getting approved. How much cash they have on hand and much do they burn through a year? - PJ

    • NSPH doesn't have an FDA-approved or cleared moderate complexity protein assay, so what's your point?

      They also don't have an FDA-approved/cleared ultrasensitive protein assay, so just stop trying to scam people.

    • PJ:

      Glad to hear it. I wish I was coming in new at these prices. But, such is life. I will add up to 30K more shares tomorrow if it does make its way down to $.75 as some folks on this board have suggested.

      I don't get swayed but all the noise because I do the homework. I'm very glad you've done well. This market will soon begin rewarding investors again. This company may be a 50%/50% proposition, but if it hits the 50% win could easily be 10x... I like those returns and am unafraid of all the crap DX and Sammy post here.

      They NEVER have answered my question about the long list of competitors with moderate complexity, sample to result systems for ultrasensitive protein diagnostics... there's a reason. NSPH has a truly distinctive offering in this regard. Those with the courage to buy here and now will do well IMHO....

    • Hey Tech!

      Don't want you to think I'm stalking you, but saw you mention NSPH over on the GMCR board and was doing some DD. Came across this post and had to laugh! I did follow your recommendation and came out in good shape! Rode AMZN down from 241 closed today and am up on my GMCR puts which I plan on closing tomorrow. Still feel it makes a push into earnings, looking to get back in higher. But I tell you what, I'm taking some of my gains and taking a chance on NSPH. I'll wait a little until it shows some support. My guess this is a 50/50 stock. If it gets approved it skyrockets, if it doesn't... DOA. I took a big gamble on NVLT (game changing stock, was going to cure cancer) a year ago and got vaporized. I figure I'm due!-PJ

    • True character shows through, even on messageboards. And, anyone following ALL my posts has made a killing. Puts on NFLX, first from $200, doubled up at $300. LULU, GMCR etc etc.

      At this juncture, I THINK (but have to verify) that this and CBMX are the ONLY two stocks that I am down on over 2 years (out of CBMX for good). Check my posts. Do it. People following my recommendations are making a killing. I help people. I don't try to hurt them...

    • Oh I could disclose my holdings (which I do have, but that is no measure of sincerity) but you could be lieing about yours. If all interested parties believed in all the BS you post over the months and years, all would have lost $ believing your warped rationale. So if Sammy said he was down $100K, would you believe him? If you did would that change that warped mind of yours? Something tells me you would continue to say he was a basher, and we would say you are a pumper. Please don't use that transparency BS... for all we know you could be down $500K and be trying to save your own ass.

    • "Turn out the lights the party's over they say that all good things must end". Only fools can still rationalize their losses. Nanogen again in spades.

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      • dxgen:

        The only fools that need to rationalize their losses are those that chose to realize losses today...

        I could lose every penny I have invested in this stock and still be up dramatically on the year. I don't play the game that all of you do. For the record, I am down $16K on NSPH as of today throughout the entire history of my NSPH ownership as of today's close. That includes about $20K in UNREALIZED losses. I have 65K shares so have roughly another $60K at risk.

        Unlike you jokers, I disclose positions. We'll see how it turns out in the long run, which is what I really care about...

    • It won't get delisted... While your laughing Seth, I made a ton of money today, even with NSPH's temporary drop... Did you see what happened to LULU, GMCR and the other MOMO stocks that I've been warning people about?

      I don't play for the daily movements. There is a very profound disconnect between where stocks should be and where they currently are. I don't mind NSPH hanging out down here. I will accumulate like I did today. I added 20K shares today.

      While your at it, learn a little class... I never laugh at people's losses. I try to help people avoid losses -- thus my warnings on those boards. You'll note I haven't gloated on any of my correct calls (which are vastly outperforming my losses here...). I know you are young and a student, but it's important to learn to conduct yourself with class at any age...

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