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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Feb 15, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    now selling for half of the price from 4 months ago, does

    any one really believe this is even remotely near fair value of the stock? Lets look at a few items, they have 40 million cash, they have revenue, good institutional ownership, a bonifide and useful product, and even more, but just these items should cause one to see this was way oversold. You can find plenty of bio techs that do not have any of the positives that NSPH has and that are priced higher than it is. I think what we are seeing is wise investors coming in and getting a good stock at half price. Just my opinion. Can anyone tell me something to contradict the above mentioned info? If so, please let me know so I can avoid losing my money by loading at $1.80

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    • They just fired their CEO and half the board, they put someone in the CEO position who is an unknown quantity in regard to this kind of leadership.

      What remains for the company now is business execution: Guide customers through test period, control costs, manage a sales force, increase placements, maintain quality control, possibly find financing. This means management is probably the most important factor right now, even more so than usual.

      Markets react to "unknowns" by reducing value, market's don't like unknowns especially when they're in top leadership positions. Maybe this will turn out to be a great buying opportunity and maybe it won't, one thing's for sure, risk is higher now.

    • was selling for half price, that was last week, when the real bargain sale was going on, but you can still get a good deal here.

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    • I notice 3 thumbs down. If you or any one does not agree with my premise, please reply and tell me how I am wrong. I am always open minded and enjoy hearing all view points. Who knows, you may convince me that I am wrong and save me some money.

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      • Mo I think there's more to the story than any of us know. This stock was right at $3.00 now its at $1.85 This didn't happen for no reason at all. All I know is that the product seems to be pretty good but management is awful. I think there will be more bloodletting and the stock will drop down to $1.50. Good luck with your trade for now i am on the sidelines.

      • Hi Mo

        I'm with you on this thoroughbred horse that may have had the wrong jockey. Please keep your eyes out for any evidence that Lurie is picking up more shares at these bargain levels. If you are familiar with edgar or sec filings its the 13GA or 13FA I believe. When an entity owns more than 10% of the company (Lurie owns 26%) they have to report any additional purchases within 10 days. If this large owner is picking up more shares in addition to their lock up shares..........well that speaks volumes.

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