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  • MoeShanley MoeShanley May 3, 2012 3:11 PM Flag

    Location based services

    Thats what the suit is all about.

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    • Hey Moe,
      If you would have been a stand up guy from the beginning and told the truth, we probably wouldn't be in this position. You tried to hold management of GWLK hostage and when they wouldn't give into your blackmail commands, you sold out to QCOM and lied. For some unbeknownst reason, maybe you found God, or more importantly, HE FOUND YOU, you came back and told the true facts. The damage had already been done and your "NEW" testimony couldn't turn the ship around. You had already sunk it.
      So save your, "I am a good guy" rhetoric for some other play.........

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      • couldn' agree more, except for the fact I do not believe our ship is sunk. We will continue to prosecute this case, and hopefully find some judges who don't bend over backwards to accomodate serial criminals who are OBVIOUSLY guilty in this case.

        Moe, you may know a lot about this technology, and you may have been a key player at one time at Gabriel/Trace. But your actions are quite possibly the biggest factor in justice being turned on its head so far. The criminals have so far benefitted tremendously, and those of us with honest and sizeable investments in Gabriel got absolutely shafted by what you did.

        How insanely naive of you to think Qcom would NOT misrepresent your words, or not take your information out of context. That's WHO THEY ARE. Thats WHAT THEY DO. The current management/legal teams you criticize are now working OT to overcome the tremendous wrongful damage you created, plus substantial time has now been added to our efforts to pursue justice. we'll get there.

      • How did Moe lie in the beginning? Care to elaborate on the blackmail? How so?? What was done and the events as you recall them?