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  • white7knob white7knob Nov 9, 2004 8:25 PM Flag

    Erik's Math

    Greetings whomever,

    But, Erik, not that one actually needs to know, but you have so often elucidated the hungry readers of this well known message bored with your selling and forthwith business model... which has kept many on the edge of their keyboreds--no doubt!

    Yet, some of the figures have somewhat confused me, as I recall rather vividly you proclaiming massive buys in t 2+ range, etc.
    Now, you have been rather adamant on the nickel and dime buys from the days of NTWK bottom surfing.

    Did you recover your losses from dollar cost averaging, or do you still hold those thousands of shares purchased last spring at around the 3 dollar range?

    Oops, I am being intrusive? Somehow, and maybe
    I'm delusional, but sometimes I feel the need for an umbrella around some of your posts for the fear of falling doot. But again, I am so prone to poor figuring.

    Do you remember this,Erik?

    Re: Whiz, if that's your bid for 3000 at
    by: erikglasser2001 (36/M/Woodland Hills, CA)
    Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 05/27/04 04:12 pm
    Msg: 17952 of 23716

    Well 2 bucks was obviously HUGE support and I was buying down there for 8 days, a few thousand shares each time. Now I will have bids place in at various prices for the pull backs. Otherwise I won't start selling till over 3 bucks and place more bids higher. Maybe at 2.40 2.50 2.60 and so on.....

    I will buy more at the ask on the break out above 3.40 with big volume and news. Untill then I won't sell my core position. As you see I trade some, and hold most. And when we get the big news, I will day trade it for a few days.


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    • bite me..


    • All:

      Maybe some of you have noticed, that I have
      stopped blasting my beloved followers. I
      have turned a new leaf. Well for today anyway.
      But tomorrow is another day, and who's to say
      what will befall on us faithfull share holders.

      Did I say us? I will have to check to see if
      I sold my other 1/2.

      By the way thanks SBC, and White for the
      compliment. SBC, how does the scorecard read?
      Are you ahead of me now on predicting this
      stock. You won a few and so have I.

      I am predicting a drop again tomorrow. Lets
      see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      By the way, I just love these new posters,
      some are good with there play on words, but
      the others, well enough said.


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      • "SBC, how does the scorecard read?
        Are you ahead of me now on predicting this
        I actually think you are ahead by one or two mostly because I do not predict it that often on the board. I usually only predict on our infrequent phone conversations and e-mails.
        I have to agree with you here - I think it will likely retrace to the $1.50 range until more news surfaces and then it will likely drop lower, LOL. Maybe not.

    • Awww, how nice of you to read my past posts.

      If you must know, 70% of the stock I've owned is from the middle of September to the beginning of October, '02. The week of 11/3 and 11/10/02 was when I finished buying all the shares I ended up holding untill now.

      I'm sure you can figure out the price's I was paying at that time.

      The week of 9/7/03, when it split is when I "thought" that It might continue up so I started buying more. Of course it dropped so I bought more through the time it got to 2 bucks again where I thought there was support. By this time, I was still in the profit, even after buy quite a few more shares between 2 and 3.

      My decision to be on the sell side has worked out perfectly for me in the last few months. I don't know why people are worried about me selling shares for a profit. Shouldn't I sell stocks for a profit? I don't care how much profit I 'Might have' made, you can't think of the what "if's" in this business.

      And since I've been freeing up some money with NTWK, I've made as much as 300% on that money with other great trades. Some lucky, some skill, and some just plain effort and DD.

      I don't care to say these things so the people here can think I'm bragging, I think it's just nice to share success with people I communicate with on a daily basis.

      Believe me, I've lost plenty too. The first time I lost $200k, I made a decision to NEVER do that again. I know people that have done it 3 and 4 times. That's just plain stupidity. I learn the big lessons quickly.

      I still struggle with the day to day psychology of trading and I keep trying to figure out ways to get over those barriers.

      But over all, I am pleased. I just wish I had more friends living near me so I can help them learn, and in turn learn from their successes.

      Good luck and, "TAKE PROFITS".....


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      • I have been in ntwk since 6/03. from 6/03 through the beginning of this year i do not recall any messages you have posted until early this year. So i went back to message #4250 9/10/02 through the end of the year and did not find any erikglasser2001. What happened?

        for a person who claim to have bought dump truck loads of this stock 2+ years ago when pps at that time must have been between .10 - .30, when ntwk had cash of only $50,000 and $$ millions in liabilities, whom at the beginning of this year was rah rah about ntwk all of a sudden reverses sentiment to strong sell, just does not make any sense to me.

        it boggles me to hear you say that you want out of ntwk when they are getting stronger and stronger each quarter and yet you held when ntwk was on the verge of bk. I do the opposite. When a company is on the verge of bk i get out. if i do hold, i would sell as soon a i make a small profit. on the other hand if a company is experiencing a turnaround with tremendous growth, that is when i buy and stay long.

        your claims are very hard to believe. if you waited 2+ years to get out of ntwk you should have liquidated your position last year just before pre split when it traded for $1.30 pre split.

      • Grace to you and peace..

        Thanks for your illuminating response. You have been so open on your trading, you should expect some queries. And please, not for a second, have I begrudged you making a profit.

        You were so bullish and almost boyishly gungho, what with your visits to Calabasas, etc.
        I realize reality may have set in someplace.

        Too, haven't you been a bit curious, with the math expounded here. It "seems" we have a hardly a handful of posters who claim to have hundreds of thousands of shares. ( I only got a C in calculus, and one might wonder if that was whin I speled it.)


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