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  • studiorite studiorite Feb 17, 2011 3:17 PM Flag

    Short term buy at $1.86...

    and not a penny more.

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    • shooting fish in a barrel. It's on sale, pick a little here, pick a little later when/if it drops. Then go take a nap. Relax kids.

    • 1. Yes, someone who has held this since October is a fool, because they have thrown away real opportunities for gains on riding the insane up and down swings of NTWK to end up in the same place they started. Such a person has made a whopping 2 cents a share since close on October 14th, 2010. The DOW has gained over 1300 pts since that date. You literally could have picked almost any listed stock at random and done better than NTWK since October 14th.

      2. My day trading account isnt frozen, my account is frozen because I dont have the funds to make it a day trading account. I did get stuck because I was doing risky day trading that could have gotten my account frozen at any point, which has actually made me a nice amount of money until that point, because the only money that was to be made in NTWK between October 14, 2010 and now, was day trading.

      3. I have never once accused people of using aliases, in fact, Parstrike is convinced I am one of the "aliases". The reason I made the nuts swinging comment is because I was personally attacked by another board member after disagreeing with a comment made by unleashing.

    • with all due respect again someone who has held this since october is a fool...hmmm. Your day trading account is frozen and you got stuck with ntwk that you bought at 2.20 - 2.25...and your calling people who have held on the last few months and did not skip a beat ,fools...
      maybe a trader could have done better over that period,maybe not...there is no should know that being educated in high finance as you say you are...

      You have to admit you really sound more like derick every minute.

      whats next ...your going to talk about the pumpers other aliases...and tell me im swinging on sorias

      Hope not.

    • Wellll, we've all been fools playing this game. I KNOW I have: ...bought SLB, MHS, XOM, NVDA, LDK, QCOM at their lows last year... but sold them as soon as I made a few quick bucks. NOW look at them. They rose so fast I couldn't jump back in! That's what I love about playing the pennies. If you miss one cycle you usually get a second (or more) chance. You'll get yer money back. We usually do unless all heck breaks out. Have fun.

    • I'll drink to that!

      Added quite a bit more today and also sitting on a 2.20 basis now, so patience will be rewarded...... eventually............

    • To be fair, the only reason Im holding is because I got flagged day trading, and my account got frozen before I could dump all of my position at a $2.25 basis at $2.39. I later picked up another chunk of shares in the low 2's and pulled the basis down to 2.20. My account has a 90 day flag, and I dont trust this stock enough to sell it and wait for 3 days. So Im basically sitting on it until its above 2.20, so I can liquidate my position and move brokers.

      Personally, I have no desire to hold this long term, its way too volatile. I fully agree with you that this is not a stock to hold at all. A short term trader could have made thousands between October 2010 and now on this, but the fools that have been holding it are pretty much in the same boat they were 4 months ago, and likely the same boat they will be in 8 months from now.

    • Hey, I hope you are right. I've got a $2.20 basis, and Im sitting on it until it gets back above $2.20.

      I also am positive we will hit a north break out as soon as this stock can consolidate for at least a few days.

      Bad thing is, depending on how low that consolidation happens, a north break out might not even get us to the 52 week high that we touched just a short time ago. Thats what makes me a little nervous. We already need about .50 a share from where we are right now.

    • Don't be silly, who's bragging? You missed my point. It was a guess based on previous floors because I can't see tomorrow any better than you. People tend to get so emotional over a system of chaos (cheap stocks); if we own it, it's our team with the ball and we cheer and pump. If we don't own it, we boo it and each other. Kind of silly, ...but fun. I prefer to wait months for a bottom and buy (provided all well with the world and the company). Wait for a peak then sell. Hold if you want but it's just not for me.

    • He may eventually be right, but when he said this, there was nothing "on the chart" to suggest this is where it would be.

    • This dude could be right, time will tell.

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