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  • ntofive ntofive Jul 13, 2012 3:59 AM Flag



    - most large ntwk contracts are for china

    - even with the economy artificially ok ntwk was signing nfs contracts every 6 - 8 weeks.

    - even one contract delayed can represent 10% of nywk's yearly revenues

    - less than 40% gross margins suggest that ntwk is settling for any price just to show an improving top line

    - the company put all their eggs in its 4q 2012 basket because they want to avoid a significant reverse split

    - by doing that they've mortgaged their future.....1q 2013 will be horrible and they may post a loss in the 50c/share area if they do a 15/1 reverse split

    - the stock will be shorted to oblivion despite the brainless and relentless company pumping

    - their cloud division vroozi is a major failure having booked only $3731 in the first 9 months of fiscal 2012. There is absolutely no way for the company to meet its $5 million calendar 2012 revenue projection at a current usage rate of $3/customer/day

    - they will increase the share count to 150 million shares pre-split. This compares to 5 million shares they started with after the last 2003 r/s

    - they don't have a qualified cfo. The current cfo is a 30-year old #$%$ without a cpa. None of their accounting staff has a cpa per their filings

    - they acknowledge every quarter that they have serious material issues with their accounting

    - they use an often-punished by the board auditor (kabani) that they want to ratify with proposal 2 of the current proxy

    - their revenues are absolutely flat all the way from 2008 despite adding over 200 employees since 2008

    - by their own admission they have finished only one of the 6 nfs modules in release 2 formal (cloud)

    - they are too late in the product replacement cycle. They have been talking for over 5 years about release 2 but they don't like that format because it would take dozens of customers to replace one big license (current problem with vroozi)

    -- the norm here is lying and deceit

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