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  • omarhatesyoutube omarhatesyoutube Aug 21, 2013 3:59 AM Flag

    Mmm I have recovered more data from teh new netsol / vroozi project

    Formerly known as quickiDocs in internal planning and development.

    quickiDocs(vroozidocs) is tomorrow’s framework for process documentation.

    Our goal is to be the primary cloud document repository for process implementations, providing direct access to both content producers and consumers.

    We value sector growth and industry innovation, embrace the demands it places on us, and look forward to filling the gap it creates.

    We are a small group of engineers who have wrestled with process documentation for years. We blended our respective solutions and came up with a framework that provides for yesterday’s artifacts yet supports tomorrow’s media channels.

    All members of our team are active wikipedians and have many years’ experience as both authors and mediator. We also support Open Source and user communities that try to enrich all of our lives with innovation and transparency.

    To lead our group, Zakariaz Sebastian and Peterz Ludvig has stepped up to the plate. Two key individuals to keep us focused on our mission; but without the back -office, not much would ever get done!

    QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) is a wiki based document repository,
    specifically designed to address some of the challenges with document and information management. Utilizing a simplistic wiki with web based edit controls, QuickiDocs offers an easy-to-manage-user-interface; both from the content provider’s point of view as well as from the content consumer’s point of view.

    QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) is a living On-Line Guide,
    designed to assist content providers describe how to their business processes have been implemented. One of the many challenges with new technological implementations is to gain user adoption. Studies have shown that the abundance and availability of usage documentation has a positive effect on general user adoption; the easier it is to use – and finding out how to use it – the quicker it will be used.

    QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) is a file repository,
    where users maint

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    • This is non public information currently, netsol has not released information about this project yet in any form

    • There are many benefits in using the QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) framework such as a reduction in content related administrative costs, no infra-structure to neither maintain nor staff, and simplistic Change

      By consolidating training material and process documentation to a single source, or entry point, organizations can simplify exposure and reuse processes; users are granted access and provided the URL to the site. Management.

      As a cloud based solution, organizations do not need to make further investments with their network infrastructure, firewall management, additional hardware and maintenance contracts nor changes to existing DR/BCP plans.

      By using the QuickiDocs framework, organizations expose content to groups and users who consume the material and are provided the tools to maintain the information as needed, using wiki standards and governance models.

      it's sourced; it's documented; it's used
      vroom, vroom

    • Cloud Services
      QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) allows users to manage their content directly on the web site via any browser that supports current web standards. Although the site can be viewed on mobile devices, our rendering is optimized for the desktop.
      When editing content, you use standard web based editing tools and formatting capabilities – similar to common word processing packages.

      QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) supports multi-media files such as images, sound, and video.

      wiki technology
      The QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) foundation is built around wiki technology – we employ a wiki as the primary means of managing material. Our wiki supports standard wiki markup via a web editing interface which allows a blend of both concepts.
      Benefits include

      Ease of use
      Standard wiki markup/ flat learning curve
      Wiki search capabilities
      Internal and external page linking

      More information on Wiki technology can be found at the MediaWiki organization

      File repository – shared drive concept
      In addition, we employ a standard file repository to store existing documentation so that QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) can link to or reference it, making it available to the user community. Upload existing blue-print or implementation design documents – only those that are relevant to the process and its sustained use. As with most projects, relevant after go-live material is embedded in project plans, task lists, and other related artifacts. Pull out what’s relevant, throw it into the QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) framework and link it directly to the online guide for immediate use.

      Customized support and training solutions
      The QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) support structure is geared around your organization needs and how it uses support; from complete self-service to hyper-care hand holding.
      This holds true for training; we offer integrated training programs or off the shelf AVIs – all based on your organization’s needs.

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      • QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) is designed to allow small to medium business owners to easily facilitate the information their employees, customers, and business partners need to know to ensure a smooth and successful business operation.

        The world of business is getting quicker and faster, and it is becoming increasingly more challenging for businesses to respond to sudden changes or situations in an effective way. QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) allows a company to manage all their information, in multiple formats, where it can be accessed easily, reliable, and can be changed at a moments notice if needed. Studies have shown that a business with a thorough and abundant level of documentation, has more productivity, efficiency, and initiative than businesses with lower levels.

        QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) allows a company's subsidiaries, partners, agents and/or customers access to the information they need to carry out their duties. It can be accessed from any mobile platform through the platform’s own web browser. The documents are saved, to allow continuous access or for storage, or can be deleted with a simple click.

        QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) uses a wiki interface, which means that working with it is intuitive and familiar for most people, and definitely simple. In addition, there are a number of helpful articles and support available for our product. This means that your company’s information can be easily changed and kept relevant, from any location where internet access is available.

        Because QuickiDocs(vroozidocs) is wiki-based, it means that information can be easily modified by any number of chosen employees or contacts. The system is designed to allow everyone in a corporate structure to help maintain information and keep it relevant, but it also allows you, as the administrator, to set limits, however you want them. This ensures that the burden of maintaining information relevance is equally shared among those who you choose, but still keeps the information available for everyo

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