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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Oct 18, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    Someone is distinctly missing today

    I wonder why?

    Must be that fundamentals, growth, earnings have caught up with the share price of AMD today.

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    • And again...wonder why?

      You can dish it out quite well, but crawl back under your rock when you get b-slapped - huh?

    • im still here ... everything you say is finally true. fundamentals, growth (26% rev growth ) beat earnings by double. market is still focusing on pc segment and not the gaming console growth... Today was a great day for me to buy alot of shares down to 3.48 pre market this morning.. I will cash all those out at 4+ and hold my 4.11 shares for the next 6-12 months as i have said. Netsol on the otherhand will be joining
      AMD at the 3-4 level soon... Im just surprised it took the 3 stooges this late to bring it up.. Lets see Netsol
      do 1.5 BILLION in sales this quarter. Lets see Netsol Make $48 million in profits last quarter. You fools
      from 14.01 to 7.40 is a 50% haircut. AMD is down from 4.65 to 3.53.... AMD will be above 4 again.. I will make 15% on my money fairly soon.. Nice try though.. if and when Netsol is exposed for accounting
      irregularities you, loganz and hewhighgay will go back into hiding.

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      • No, I'm sorry, but it appears you do not understand your own post - it refers to the fundamentals being an indication of the price today. The price you see on AMD of $3.53 and headed lower is what the fundamentals indicate it should be...just as your argument went for NTWK.

        You've clearly been frazzled today buying AMD shares after hours yesterday at $3.80 and buying all the way down today.

        Everyone knows that AMD has these periodic profitable quarters, but they are not sustainable - they always fall right back into losses. Will be interesting the excuses they come up with for this quarter - they will likely say it was because of the government shutdown. Market is not buying AMD's story - clearly that was shown today.

        You have a good weekend thinking about how AMD is going to sell off on Monday.

    • he's eating some stinky crow today for lunch.....
      AMD is going below 3 bucks, easy money.....

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