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  • rhowellf rhowellf Apr 3, 2009 1:28 PM Flag

    Would you work for this company?

    I've been contacted about working for AOS in Mexico. Would you work for them?

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    • Do not work for these a___holes.
      inferior product, ignorant customer service

    • NO WAY. I've been trying to get them to cover some of the cost on defective condenser fan motors on Trane RTAA125 chillers and they say they are out of warranty. Is this the way they work? I think if they know there was an issue with how the motors were made they should make an effort to help. Bearings going out left and right. Some days I loose two or three at about $600.00 each.

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      • I wouldn't buy their POS products. I had to sue my neighbor when their (brand new) water heater broke and overflowed into my condo. My neighbor told me she went to AO Smith and they said I would have to take them to court. I did and the judge awarded me the cost of repair of the damage the water did PLUS the costs to go to court. The judge was mad when I told him what AO Smith told me to take them to court.

        SUE the hell out of them and let the judge know the hardship you are going through.

        ALL of the homeowners should be sueing the BANKS right now.

    • No and this is the reason why. I worked at A.O. for 12 years and had taken many trips to Juarez, Mexico to train their employees. The Mexico plants will only be around a few more years before everything is moved to China. I think they still have the old Magnetek facility in Hungary operational if I am not mistaken. Tipp City is the only US manufacturing plant that is still in business as far as I know..

    • I might work in the plant but be aware you might be laid off, but outside of the plants, the office staff has no confidence in the company, the feeling is "them against us" and it's been that way since AOS took over State WaterHeaters. At that point it was AOS again State but now it's HR/upper mgmt against employee's. Not a good place to work and that's been the case long before this economy crisis. THey say it's really hard to work where no one enjoys their job.

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      • You are absolutely right! Sr. Mgmt., especially HR led by an incompetent, greedy, Sr. V-P of HR shows no loyalty or compassion for employees. His compensation last year was $750K+ - what an injustice to reward his bullish management style. "What have you done for me lately" is the attitude from the executives regardless of the improvements, productivity, and cost savings that you deliver.

      • Let me change that last sentence to where no one enjoys their job unless you are one whose makng over 6 figures and considered one of the 'star" employees, as in "in with mgmt". Many wear blinders and can't see whats right in front of them.

        And no, I'm not an ex-disgruntled employee. Just an avenue to the inside.

    • My opinion is no. I am now a former employee of AOS, and although I spent many good years there, I found management to be largely ignorant/uncaring of the concerns of workers.

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