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  • tryingtogetthefacts tryingtogetthefacts Sep 13, 2009 11:09 AM Flag

    More evidence of what I have been saying...

    Nice post, the problem as I see it is that IDO is a small company, whereas GE is a huge company with alot of influence. Unless IDO comes up with a unique product(metal & explosive detection) I honestly don't see how they would be given a contract potentially worth tens of millions(but as a long I wish they would get it)

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    • That's the point though...GE is no longer a factor. Their product cost 200 G's and did not pass TSA testing....and now they divested themselves of the shoe scanning subsidiary via selling it to a French company.
      As I have said previously, the government cheese on its way to the tune of 700mil strictly to be used by TSA on passenger screening expenditure, must be spent within the fiscal year or it will then be recouped by the feds back to their coffers. Once again, when people talk about why TSA has not approved this technology previously when they have been around for several years, I believe funding is the reason why.
      Even if no company comes out with exposives detection, they will then go with the company with the best product currently available, which in my opinion, is the MagShoe. In the past few funding = no shoe scanning. The recession may very well be playing in our favor for those who bought in recently or plan to buy soon. My money is on 2010 to be IDO's year!

    • yep...

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