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  • beatstockpromotersdotcom beatstockpromotersdotcom Feb 1, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Nice one. I wonder what...


    they will do next week if the stock pulls back 50% of its range.

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    • It already did today. Weren't you paying attention? It started at the low of 1.26, peaked at 2.07, retraced 50% to 1.66, then consolidated and slowly moved higher to close at 1.79. It looked like a textbook setup to continue moving much higher on Monday, particularly considering this was the highest volume day in Otelco's history, showing the strong conviction of the buyers. You know, stocks rarely move up 40% to 60% in one day without a very good reason, and this one still has a long way to go.

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      • You are correct sir. Today OTT got rid of the weak hands that purchased OTT at much higher prices for the unsustainable dividend/interest IDS payment while watching OTT's share price go from the teens to $1 & change over the past year. These people have been suffering for awhile. The income people. They were happy to bail at the sniff of good news. Meanwhile, people who understand what is going on have been happy to take these shares off their hands today.

        Geezus, OTT has only 13.22M units outstanding. Today 2,844,500 traded hands.

        Wanna guess who my money is on?