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  • billsfan1_2000 billsfan1_2000 Dec 22, 2009 1:53 PM Flag

    Why the Run These Past Several Days?

    Love this company and this stock but curious this run-up the past several days. Anyone has any views on why? Is it in anticipation of better than expected earnings given the view that holiday sales will be OK after all? Is it something else??? I've always thought this company would be a brilliant take over candidate for the right suitor. Any views?

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    • DLB is my favorite long-term holding. I plan on holding it a long time, and hopefully see it become a "10-bagger" at some point in time. I got in around $36/share.

      Well managed, great products, excellent business model. I have no idea about the short term, but probably wouldn't buy more at these levels until earnings catch up.

      On a macro level, EXTREMELY troubled about the debt being accumulated by our government.

    • Motley Fool is pumping the stock in a "insider insight" as the next Intel.

    • MSFT announced "“Exceptional demand for Windows 7". Not sure if there was any news of that in the media in time to account for this jump. Earnings were announced too late but there might have been some channel check data or something else that telegraphed their strong recent demand.

      That's the first thing that came to my mind.

      DLB gets licensing revenue for several versions of Windows 7 and it also is a barometer for PC sales which would also benefit DLB in the form of other licensing revenue from other PC components

    • A lot of people saw Avatar and said "wow I'm gonna get that dolby stock"

    • as I'm sure you've heard before, in the short term, the market simply does what it does.

      But among possible explanations may be realization that Dolby's % royalties from Blu-Ray disc/player sales is MUCH higher than it's % royalties from dvd sales. As Blu-Ray prices have come down, they are seeing wider adoption and purchasing, which means more money in the bank.

      Also, we are starting to see more adoption of Dolby 3-d and digital content delivery systems to theaters.

      Or it could simply be an anomaly, or people could simply be flocking to a stock that is both tech oriented and yet relatively low volatility, lots of cash, and has shrugged off the bad economy.

      who knows?

    • Who knows. Dolby has these swings.

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