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  • tquery tquery Jan 14, 2011 7:18 PM Flag

    What's going on?

    Down about 10 percent since early November. Anyone know what's going on?

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    • > if i'm not mistaken, ray dolby can sell 10% of his holdings and still retain majority.

      He can sell a lot more than that and still retain majority. He holds Class B shares. These convert to Class A when they are sold on the open market but while he holds them, they have 10x the voting power.

      "Each holder of Class A common stock is entitled to one vote per share of Class A common stock and each holder of Class B common stock is entitled to ten votes per share of Class B common stock."

      The dual class structure was specifically created so that Ray Dolby would never lose control of the company he created. In fact, before Dolby went public, Ray Dolby was the sole owner of the company, however, he had to convert it to a public company for tax / estate reasons. He has been consistently selling in batches since the beginning, none of that should be alarming and he actually has no active role in the company anymore.

      As far as the other insider sales, I don't see anything that is really alarming about them. If you look at the exercise prices and where they sold, in most cases the price they are selling is about double or more of the exercise price. Dolby went public in Feb 2005 at $18 a share, the stock has basically tripled since then so there has been constant insider selling since then as they all became rich.

    • "filed to acquire ? Have they acquired or not ? At open market value ? I find that a little hard to believe."

      Just found on Dolby site, issued by the company, not bought (price is 0$).

      "Award represents a total of 6,637 restricted stock units granted under the terms of the Issuer's 2005 Stock Plan. Under the terms of the restricted stock unit grant agreement, 100% of the total number of units shall vest on the earlier of (1) the first anniversary of February 2, 2011 or (2) the date immediately preceding the date of the next annual meeting of stockholders occurring after February 2, 2011. Each unit represents a contingent right to receive one share of the Issuer's Class A Common Stock upon vesting"

    • "you also notice how today insiders filed to acquire more shares which is only a good thing. "

      filed to acquire ? Have they acquired or not ? At open market value ? I find that a little hard to believe.

      I'm not sure I understand, maybe it's my fault anyway can you give me a link about that please ?

    • Xerox is a better example of a proper noun being converted to a generic verb. But the Xerox Corporation is not the king of xerox machines any longer, is it?

      Did Jesus speak Hebrew, Roman, or Greek? I don't know.

    • are you sure this is the direct translation, or did משחת שיניים mean cleansing solution for the bones in your mouth?

      Remember 6th grade spanish lessons, I always wondered why woman child was one word Chika, while de nada was two words and it meant welcome in spanish. But really it means "out of nothing" and is more closely associated with no problem, but then again that means no problemo.

      also do you think Jesus said משחת שיניים?

      In my example of Colgate, I am not saying they are the only one, I am saying they are one if not the leaders of toothpaste and is synonymous as a brand and a generic term. Clorox is another example, some people associate with bleach for clothing as clorox while standard bleach is thought of as a color remover.

      you also notice how today insiders filed to acquire more shares which is only a good thing.

    • I prefer Crest to Colgate, and toothpaste in Hebrew is משחת שיניים but don't ask me how to pronounce it. I don't think it sounds like Colgate.

      Yes, Dolby does theater sound best, but the question is how does that translate to mobile devices using earplugs? I have seen that the Motley Fool guy who covered the CES in Las Vegas last month thinks Dolby has a lot to offer, but he doesn't say exactly what (probably good audio for 3-D big sets). Yes, IMAX is great and Dolby has been great but where is it going?

      Anyway, I happily picked up some shares today under $56 which I hope is a real bargain.

    • check whether hollywood has adopted other forms of surround as their #1 choice for encoding at the theatres. Recently I have seen more theatres in the bay area upgrade to extreme digital, soon movies will be playing on digital vs film, and dolby is positioned to continue being a leader here.

      Dolby is like Colgate, what does Colgate mean to you when you hear it? Did you know some countries say they need colgate when they mean to say toothpaste because the language has no direct translation in their native tongue? How do you say toothpaste or soda in Hebrew?

    • My point wasn't that analysts know all that much, but that this is no longer a small company. It is mature and it isn't clear to me that it will remain near the front of the audio field any longer. I am not short, I am considering the value of buying in. Is the amount spent on R&D reaping rewards (new fields of endeavor)?

    • by the way, english teachers aren't the best authors and writers of a book. a film editor is not the same as a director.

      in other words using an analyst to prove a point is like trying to tell the lawyer how to run the business. an analyst points things out, and the business manager does what is supposed to do, the opposite.

    • i assume you are putting your money on the short end of the stick? I would not depend on that too long, as you might slip.

      if the analysts were so good, why are they not putting their own money into what they believe? if so, why are they not the fund managers?

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