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  • nam_r nam_r Dec 30, 1998 11:02 AM Flag

    Reason for decline?

    Is TROW's recent decline of over 10%, when the
    market is racing to new highs, due solely to earnings
    warning from Franklin Resources (BEN)? Is there reason to
    believe that TROW's results will likewise be
    disappointing? If not this might be a good buying opportunity.

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    • anyone know why we shot up almost $4.00 today? I
      haven't seen any news?

      As for fiber companies,
      look at IIXC and QWST. IIXC is WAY undervalued. QWST
      is doing a great job of marketing themselves. LVLT
      has slowed down a bit and most are in a wait and see
      approach. They've got a great idea, but the market may not
      be ready yet. I also still like WCOM, with all the
      fiber MFS/UUNET has, they are going to be tough to
      touch. One analyst just set a target price for them of
      $100 by the end of the year.

    • Heres what I have...
      100% of my 401k is placed
      in T Rowe Price's Stable Value Fund.
      It pays
      around 6% and I don't have to worry about my retirement
      if we do have a correction.
      I own no mutual
      funds; but I do have 24 long positions.

      IBM, Apple, INTEL, Microsoft
      AOL, Yahoo, E-Trade,
      Ameritrade, AT Home Corp, Geocities
      Motorola, Eastman
      Kodak, Boeing, Cox Communications, AT&T
      Hasbro, Comp
      USA, Coca Cola, Tricon Global Restaurants (Pizza Hut,
      KFC, Taco Bell), Foodmaker (Jack-in-the-Box)
      Fargo, Fleet Financial, T Rowe Price, Washington

      You may notice that I have completely avoided certain
      market sectors.
      Over the years, I have missed out on
      huge gains by trying to time the market. Therefore, I
      plan on holding each of the above for at least 25 more
      Good Luck to you. Don

    • correction -- csco won't go up 40 times in 5 years. it's just a play on internet growth. qwst is the gamble -- with lvlt.

    • Yes, people are not used to discussing two
      subjects: their sex lives and money (don't get worried. I'm
      straight). But on the net, what the fuck's the difference?
      As we both figured out, there's no reason to hide
      the truth when you're covered by an anonymous handle
      anyway. I figure we're 2 guys who love the same book and
      are trying to make money in the market so why not
      trade info?

      CMGI is a net venture capitalist
      company & I can't defend my buying it, which I did during
      a market net frenzy. It's like waking up with a
      strange tattoo -- my only loser, but i'm in very small --
      70 shares at price of 121.75 out of a total
      portfolio of $280K +. I live in Southern Calif., so I've
      also got plenty invested in our home due to high price
      of real estate. In other words, we ain't rich. DAL
      is Delta Air, which I bought cause everyone hated
      airlines & if you look at the numbers it's making a damn
      fortune despite the Asia crisis.

      LVLT & CSCO were
      originally utter gambles, plays on the future. I figure
      either one is capable of going up 40 times in 5 years or
      dropping out of sight. But I figure if you build a fiber
      network, somebody just might come. I learned about them
      from a guy on the LUV message board. He likes LVLT.
      Its officers don't make any money on their
      company-issued shares until they rise from 35, so they are
      gambling with you.

      I didn't get in on the ground
      floor of any of the others, but i'm making money on
      all. E.g., CSCO purchased 790 shares at average price
      $74.02 -- EGRP is 520 shares at $34.95. Actually, I just
      started buying techs over the last year & when they
      started going up I mostly stayed with it. Worst mistake
      -- read a book about Warren Buffett and influenced
      strongly by his theories I sold AMZN at a tenth of its
      present price. After that I started looking more closely
      at techs & stocks without earnings. You know, I'm
      sure, that you can just click on 'Profile' from Yahoo
      and start learning about a stock. Buffett is crazy
      about two numbers -- return on equity and profit margin
      -- numbers many investors don't look at. TROW is
      excellent there. Got maybe $22K in mutuals, and the rest is
      mine to lose in stocks.

      A while ago I tried to
      find the bottom in oil and bought GLM & fortunately
      left with only a small loss. I'm even more skittish
      now of buying a nearly dead dog in hopes it will get
      up and jump through hoops.

    • Never been asked that before. Man, you sure have
      a direct approach.

      Interesting group you got
      there. You must have had a hell of a year. How'd you get
      so smart? Not being a smartass, but it seems like
      your list is calling for AOL/Netscape, LU and maybe
      ANDW & 3Com. Have you had 'em & pulled the profits, or

      I don't know DAL & CMGI, what are they and why are
      you there?


      By far, the
      majority of my money (> 75%) is in funds. Got 401(k) w/
      Scudder. P.O.S. if you ask me, but I have no choice. Tough
      having partners. Hold my bonds there. Even Scudder can't
      screw up a GNMA fund. Also buying G&I and Large Co
      Value - only real choice I have - but leaves me heavy
      on blue chips/cyclicals and soon I'll have to
      readjust. Wish I could get SP500, Total Market, or better
      yet, go to TRowe or Vanguard. Oh well,

      The good news! Have IRA/Roth/Personal at TRowe.
      SP500, Total Market, Science&Tech, European stock, Small
      Cap Value & Equity Income (getting doubled up by my
      Scudder junk, may have to move. Too bad, EqInc has a
      great manager, and is one of the great conservative
      funds). Sold New Asia at the right time, (luck) plan to
      go back someday. Used to own Cap Opportunity, but
      dropped it last time I balanced. Great funds, every one.
      I've managed to be patient in tough times, and have
      had lots of fun surprises. Been at TRowe for 13 years
      now & plan to stick around 'til the bear arrives.
      (Might move my index stuff to Vanguard for that measly
      0.2% I'd gain. What can I say? I'm cheap.)

      individual stocks, I try to stick to the "4-5% maximum in
      any one issue" rule. Call me chicken, but I sleep

      Interestingly, I have some real similar holds to you, but I'm
      not on the forefront the way you play it. I like my
      co.'s to be earning now. For example, LVLT is a great
      story, but without that stock price I think they'd be
      sucking wind. Although, gotta admit, this market sure has
      been making me look foolish for thinking this

      Anyway, financials: TROW, PA & SWS (passed on egrp at
      great buys twice last year, still pissed) Trade PWJ for
      fun, it used to have a nice volatility, but it's
      laying around now.

      Getting LU, 3Com, CSCO etc. in funds, so I'm not buying.
      Buying GLW, WMB (like WMB better than lvlt & qwst cuz
      they have income to pay the bills. Also think I'm
      getting a free oil/gas buy for the fiber P/E. Being
      punished for it in this screwy market. Oh well, maybe
      it'll change with the spinoff.) Thinking about CTV, CDT
      & FIBR.

      Tech Cap Eq/Testing: UTEK, SMTC &
      NVLS, looking at MXIM, PLXS. Did well in NVLS, SMTC.
      Waiting,waiting&waiting for UTEK. Used it for tax losses & re-established
      near the last bottom. We'll see.

      Oil Patch: Got
      the majors in my funds, so I don't double them up.
      Buying TDW & RIG. Like HAL, DO & SLB - thinking hard
      about PKD/SESI (soon to merge) as a

      Oil patch has been hammered and rough times are still
      ahead, but man there are some value buys out there. Hard
      not to catch the falling knife though. Been selling
      out-of-the-money puts to pick up income and/or buy on dips. The
      income softens the blows.

      The way I see it, all
      these stocks are set by the oil price. The oil price is
      at an unstable low & something will change it sooner
      or later. Don't know when, don't know why, but when
      the price moves, some of these boys will post some
      doubles, triples, or maybe a 5-banger or 2. Or, maybe I'm
      FOS - wouldn't be the first time.

      All in all,
      I'd trade my last year for yours. Try not to laugh
      too hard. I'm trying, I'm learning & I'm still having
      fun. What more do I need?

    • trow csco luv yhoo sunw cmgi (not sure i like that one) egrp dal lvlt qwst


    • TROW fell to 30.88! Geez.. What a bargain..and it
      went back up.. It means the support is at least at 30,
      and is a price to accumulate at. As earnings remain
      stable, if TROW changed slightly their revenue strategy
      (lowering fees for various transactions), that would be a
      plus. They would be competiitive and would generate
      more income.
      Did someone here post that TROW
      charges WAY too much for stock trading? I thought they
      were only in to mutual funds

      Would like to wish
      you all a good 1999. Would like to thank the people
      who followed my link and joined my site at

    • 1. ben numbers are bad (so what?)
      2. mutuals
      are reporting less money going into stock funds (but
      money still pouring in to money market and bond funds,
      which also means profits for trow)

      i am holding
      steady. trow should post nice numbers for 4th quarter.

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