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  • alkotwo alkotwo Mar 13, 1999 12:48 PM Flag


    I own the stock but don"t own any of trow's
    funds. They don't perform competetively. If they had
    some winners they would attract more attention. Their
    performance is mediocre and my bet is they will be acquired.

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    • I know this is a late reply (sorry about

      You asked about 401(k)s, IRAs and offering other
      funds in them...

      TROW does offer that option for
      its pension recordkeeping and management (401-ks,
      PSPs, MPPPs, DEFC457s, etc), but it does so
      reluctantly. TROW obviously prefers and recommends using its
      own funds (for obvious reasons), and can provde
      better resources and information to participants about

      Additionally, TROW is about 4th in the market for pension
      plans...they tend to only accept existing plans, and don't
      start new ones, unless they are small company plans
      which exist as their 'century plan' product. The big
      growth in this area is naturally in existing firms that
      have large participant bases (5000 employees+). Some
      of these plans can add huge blocks (in the mulitple
      millions) of assets under management at a time, compared to
      the $2500 of an individual account.

      I hope
      that helps answer your questions...for fear of boring
      the rest of the readers, go ahead and send an e-mail
      to if you need to know


    • trow will not be aquired, ever! It's too profitable for Trowe! Why sell out a cash cow?

    • I am stockholder and user of this co. What's up?

    • From March to April GS increased total volume in MM activity by more then 250% to move from #10 most active to #2 (this seems to be an unusually large change in activity.) You might have something.

    • ===========================================================

      In case you want to know...

      I came across
      Computer Research (CRIX) and could not believe my eyes.
      This company is loaded with cash and is really
      starting to grow. They do transactions for the brokerage
      industry and say (of course) that they are doing more
      business because everyone is doing more

      I can see these guys getting into online trading
      and investing (IMO)

      It's at $2 now and I think
      I will hold for $10.


    • TROW. I think that that is all they are rumors.

    • Consider reviewing your investment choices and
      switching them around ( if that option exists ) in your
      401K. T Rowe is somewhat unresponsive to 401(k)
      participants when it comes to question about funds'
      performance. Call their retail side ( 800-225-5132 ) and ask
      for the "performance update". That document ( very
      easy to read & understand ) will list all T Rowe funds
      and show the performance returns for the most recent
      quarter, 1, 3, and 5 years and since inception returns.
      You can't be passive with your investment choices and
      expect them to perform. Ask for that "update" every 3
      months or so and check on your funds' performance.

    • T Rowe now offers internet trading for $29.95,
      just like Schwab. Unless you're doing very high dollar
      value transactions your commission will be $29.95. I
      don't know where the cutoff rate is where the internet
      commission might exceed that amount but it's still cheaper
      than speaking to one of their brokers directly.

      --- current T. Rowe employee. P.S. I don't get any
      additional discount for being one of their workers.

    • eom


      how do you make them active on a board posting?

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