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  • dwg7344 dwg7344 Jul 10, 2010 5:40 PM Flag

    Longs: price?

    Need to recheck your numbers. Was not 4 mil. dollars more like 6.4 mil. Don't think even Co. like 3m going to throw away 6.4 mil. away just for the fun of it. "Chicken Feed or not".

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    • I was just ballparking it to make the point that, IMHO, $4 million or even $6 million is NOT a big deal for a company with $54.B market cap (i.e.$6 million is not 1%, but 0.01%, of their operation). I don't think 3M throws money away either. I'm just saying their stake in ALIF.OB is a very, very small piece of a very, very large conglomerate and they may not be paying as much attention to what's going in this little corner of their empire as some people might think.

      It's just an opinion and, honestly, I'd love to be wrong. It would be GREAT if 3M is evenutally shown to be actively involved in directing or supporting key facets of ALIF's biz that make the company stronger and more profitable. Again, my point is simply that I just haven't seen any evidence that this is the case and suspect it might not be because ALIF seems to operate in so many NOT NOT NOT 3M ways.

      I apologize if my rough guessimate of the amount of 3M's purchase price was troublesome for you or anyone else and to 3M for any erroneous implication on my part that 3M business practices are anything but stellar.