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  • thestockjunkie thestockjunkie Oct 14, 2010 7:04 PM Flag

    I'm beginning to think they are full of s...

    They say 10 million downloads for the year with average price of $2.05...however, they don't say if the 10 million downloads were PAID for. They may only be including apps that people paid money for in their "average." That is my assumption as the revenue doesn't make sense to me otherwise. Their revenue is not growing quickly enough relative to last year for their numbers to make sense. There is a reason why they are not forthcoming with details and I have decided to avoid this. Now that it has run up it's not even worth looking at.

    FYI, there are other public companies in this space and they are all garbage from what I've seen. None of them seem to be able to make money consistently and none seem to get the respect you would think.

    They have some cool technology but having something cool and making money on it are two very different things. They say they are making money but they can't collect on their sales which means they are really not making the money they claim and they continually raise cash. Companies that are making money generally generate their own cash and don't have to raise so often. Smells VERY bad.

    I have no position.

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    • I sold 1/3 of my position yesterday. I just can't seem to understand what this company's numbers mean - especially regarding those download averages.

      However, regarding the accounting practices post, if you plug in GE, that site says that they are wildly aggressive. Meanwhile, 3M didn't even come up... not sure how much it helps.

      Still, I like the opus-M business platform and the medical programs a lot more than the games, simply because they are more reliable streams of income.

    • I wouldn't down this guy's comments even if his intention is to short the stock (or whatever view is different from your position). With all the market success they've had, you'd think they'd be showing more profit than they are. I was about to pull the trigger earlier this week and buy 10K worth, but the balance sheet's accounts receivables just struck me as odd.

      I plugged alif into the accounting web site to see what they had to say. In their opinion, ALIF uses extremely aggressive accounting practices to balance their books. In their findings, the more aggressive the accounting, the less rewarding it is to investors.

      Here's the high risk triggers their site came back with:

      High Risk Events 12.8% Abnormal Change in Employee Count
      Revenue Recognition 29.1% Accounts Receivable/Sales
      Expense Recognition 26.8% Deferred Income Tax Assets Current/Operating Exp
      Asset-Liability Valuation 31.4% Intangible Assets/Assets

      I think it'd be huge for them to have more transparancy in their accounting practices and possibly hire a new firm to re-balance their books with less aggressive practices.

      I like video games, love iPhone. No question about the market whatsover. However, I want ALIF to make money, not just good products and services. I WANT to invest in ALIF. I'm just not convinced about their bottom line.

      I'm open for "constructive" criticism on this.I need a better perspective to figure this out.

    • Maybe you should call 3M and ask them why they bought 6 million plus shares in a "BAD SMELLING CO."! I guess you are a little more savvy in investing than 3M Corp.

    • I own a large position. I am also skeptical regarding dilution and account receivable. But I agree with the last poster, anyone who posts that does not have or plan to have some kind of stock position is a loser. Get a life.

    • you dont own the stock,you aren't going to buy the stock and you aren't shorting this why are you posting on this board especially since you have no idea what you are talking about?you are the ultimate doofus. good luck and get a life...