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  • micocaptrader micocaptrader Dec 27, 2010 2:48 PM Flag


    I too have concerns about who is "paying" ALIF. If the idiots heckling you would actually take a break from their full-time slushy serving job at seven 11, perhaps they would have the same concerns. After all, it only takes a tiny bit of business sense to realize that a company that can't collect on their "profits" is basically the same as a company that can't make a profit.

    It appears that almost half of ALIF's AR comes from licensing. Since I have to assume that their "partners" collect revenue at the time of sale, how is it possible that AR continues to grow?

    Is it possible that the CEO knows that ALIF will never collect, but continues to pad the books with bogus AR? Why doesn't the CEO offer an explanation to stock holders (other than the paragraph in the notes section about long term partners, slow economy, bla, bla bla)?

    By looking at the trading action over the past couple of weeks, I have to assume that others have the same concerns. Why else would someone sell a stock in the hottest sector since the dot com boom?

    With regard to 3M, their toilet paper budget is probably larger than their stake in ALIF. Although they are not interested in throwing money into the trash, I don't see their small investment as being concrete evidence that ALIF is completely on the up-and-up. If you have followed ALIF as long as I have (and lost money as a stock holder), you will notice that First Wilshire Securities sold their 5%+ stake a while ago (13G report on EDGAR).

    Anyway, if anyone has some productive news/opinions to report, I would be interested in hearing it because I am sick of losing money in ALIF and watching the CEO invest in pet projects like Green Cortex.

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    • Since Slushie has been in the news a lot, perhaps you could spend some time learning how to spell it.

      If you're tired of losing money on alif and don't believe it's a good stock, then sell.

      Most likely, we have to wait till March 14 or so for the next update from the company. That's the deal - it's an otc company with KPMG as their auditors. That's a plus. The future revenue appears to be tied more to OPUS-M and Augmented Reality. The economy has sucked for the past two years. Artificial Life offered extended terms. They may lose some of the ARs from game sales.

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      • One more thing, Glucomo is a free app on iTunes. How do they make money giving it away for free?

      • I don't look at a Slushie machine all day so I am excused for the spelling error and since I am not going to sell my stock for a loss after three years, I am seeking answers. Perhaps you should too.

        Just because the economy slowed down, why can't they collect their AR? Didn't someone collect in order for ALIF to have receivables? If that is the case, why does AR continue to grow? As the CEO, wouldn't it be prudent for him to demand payment or stop doing business with companies that don't pay rather than allow them to continue licensing and "selling" apps?


        I decided to sell my digital photographs for $1/each (pictures of lakes, mountains, rivers, etc). You agree to buy 5 million copies and I deliver (electronically so it is at a minimal cost to me). I book a $5 million dollar profit (accrual basis) but you never pay me. I go public and create a lot of investor interest based on my AR of $5 million dollars.

        The second year, I sell you 10 million digital photographs. I report 100% year over year profit, but I still have not collected a dime. The third year, you agree to "buy" 15 million pictures. I report a 50% year over year profit and have AR of $35 million. I dilute and sell stock to continue financing the operation until the stock is worthless...I win, everyone else loses.

        So you see, AR should stop growing because it is simply bad business to continue licensing to a company that does not pay.

        If you are a prudent investor, you should demand that management offers answers (along with everyone else on this board that owns stock). I still hope that ALIF will do great things, but I want them to explain why AR continues to grow and tell us what business partners are not paying. If it is Apple (which I am sure it is not), well, that's that. But if it is Joe's App Shack at the local strip mall, I want to know why they would be allowed to license millions of dollars in intellectual property and get away with not paying their bills.

        With regard to Opus-M, I would like to know what clients are using the app (other than I would assume that this information would be available as a way to entice other companies into using the software platform. ALIF advertise 18 million downloads? To who? I can't find it on the Apple app store, can you?