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  • jimgray30 jimgray30 Dec 20, 2010 8:37 AM Flag


    Can someone explain who are the direct customers for Artificial Life?

    Why are receivables so high?

    Who is supposed to be paying the company?


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    • I don't understand why they don't appear to be selling Opus-M on their website. Since we can't find order information, how millions or other users downloading the software?

    • BUY BUY BUY lets go ALIF Catch it while its down its about to explode in 2011.

    • Your asking all the right questions.
      The only thing I could find was to email them at the following address if you need any further information...

    • NoOne, luckily, I am not looking for approval from an unsophisticated cheerleader like yourself. Your cheerleading skills are probably better suited for the couch on Sunday than for stock investing. Anyone who has any real money on the line would certainly be concerned about a 25% drop in less than three months. You obviously have no answers and continuing to engage you only makes me (and the other readers on this board) dumber.

      I am not getting paid to express concerns about a stock I own. If there are any serious investors (not traders) that would like to make some money in ALIF, I suggest that we demand answers from management.

      If the CEO has legitimately defrauded investors as stated in a previous post, I would like to know the details.

    • Looks like ARBAT is shorting this for now - and has their minions posting messages of fear. IMO - may be wrong

      If you believe it's headed to .50 you should sell.

      Either you're a clever basher or a terrified investor - either way, not much to be gained from your posts.

    • I too have concerns about who is "paying" ALIF. If the idiots heckling you would actually take a break from their full-time slushy serving job at seven 11, perhaps they would have the same concerns. After all, it only takes a tiny bit of business sense to realize that a company that can't collect on their "profits" is basically the same as a company that can't make a profit.

      It appears that almost half of ALIF's AR comes from licensing. Since I have to assume that their "partners" collect revenue at the time of sale, how is it possible that AR continues to grow?

      Is it possible that the CEO knows that ALIF will never collect, but continues to pad the books with bogus AR? Why doesn't the CEO offer an explanation to stock holders (other than the paragraph in the notes section about long term partners, slow economy, bla, bla bla)?

      By looking at the trading action over the past couple of weeks, I have to assume that others have the same concerns. Why else would someone sell a stock in the hottest sector since the dot com boom?

      With regard to 3M, their toilet paper budget is probably larger than their stake in ALIF. Although they are not interested in throwing money into the trash, I don't see their small investment as being concrete evidence that ALIF is completely on the up-and-up. If you have followed ALIF as long as I have (and lost money as a stock holder), you will notice that First Wilshire Securities sold their 5%+ stake a while ago (13G report on EDGAR).

      Anyway, if anyone has some productive news/opinions to report, I would be interested in hearing it because I am sick of losing money in ALIF and watching the CEO invest in pet projects like Green Cortex.

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      • Since Slushie has been in the news a lot, perhaps you could spend some time learning how to spell it.

        If you're tired of losing money on alif and don't believe it's a good stock, then sell.

        Most likely, we have to wait till March 14 or so for the next update from the company. That's the deal - it's an otc company with KPMG as their auditors. That's a plus. The future revenue appears to be tied more to OPUS-M and Augmented Reality. The economy has sucked for the past two years. Artificial Life offered extended terms. They may lose some of the ARs from game sales.

    • the annual report is audited not quarterly reports.
      alif has net receivables of $31 mill. will be interesting to see how much is going to be swapped into murky licensee deals...

    • sure whatever. Actually I'm happy they are making millions selling OPUS-M (and being audited by KPMG). Your SAP link is down but I knew that was coming.

      I assume it showcases multimillion dollar projects across entire organizations. Whatever OPUS-M sells for, I doubt that one sale is newsworthy in and of itself.

      The only concern I would have is if the revenue numbers are outright fraud and then it would be another issue. If that is what you are suggesting, I would tread lightly.

    • btw my statement about alif being its own customer was meant sarcastic at first. but don't you find it strange that alif is claiming to make millions of $ with OpusM and they can not name one single customer?

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