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  • hieronymous_blat hieronymous_blat May 12, 2011 11:10 AM Flag

    No volume today

    Everyone waiting to see what the report holds for us. honestly, unless they restate and adjust radically downward, PPS has to rise. I expect a good old fashioned MM head fake to winnow out the chumps and suckers, followed by a huge rally to .90 or higher.

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    • Where might I be able to reach you, after such scenario, to say thanks to you, in person?:)

    • Ok, we'll leave it at that and see how it pans out. I only made 700K on a single stock this year -- MCZ -- so your million has me beat! You must be a genius, LOL! I like the climate here and you add nicely to it. Guys like you are a necessary element, to my mind. Go ahead and treat this stock like it is some sort of criminal fraud. By doing so, you answer Voltaire's prayer: "Lord, please make my enemies appear ridiculous!"

    • I can play your game too. I have made over a million dollars this year shorting Chinese frauds so I know a fraud when I see one. You stock pumpers all have the same pie in the sky story about how the company is legit, but you always lose in the end. It is clear that you are doing nothing but posturing in an effort to protect your position because you are taking a bath. You have no reason to trust me, but I find it hard to believe that anyone with half a brain could actually "trust" management. They have done nothing but intentionally deceive and mislead investors causing financial loss after loss. Their African expansion plans are a joke, their apps are a joke and THEY HAVE NO SIGNIFICANT REVENUE.

      Don't worry about being lead plaintiff because there is not money in the company anyway. When you take your loss, just report these crooks to the SEC.

    • The auditors are located in the UK.
      The bankers and their accountants return to work on Sunday.
      I think ALIF might have new job openings at their newly opened office in S. Africa.
      I haven't checked in California or Hong Kong.

    • Ok, just goes back to the simple question of whether this is blatant fraud or not. If you are right, I'll be the first to sign up as lead plaintiff. But at this point, I'd bet that YOU are a bigger criminal manipulator than ALIF'S CEO!!! I realize we live in a time of lax regulatory enforcement, especially in these small caps, but you are AGGRESSIVELY claiming that Alif's management is criminally falsifying earnings, revenues and prospects. To H with ROSEN, they should find out if you have means and come after YOU!!! You think you can simply negate all of ALIF's stated and reiterated earnings guidance, the fact that they hired the world's fifth largest accounting firm, their products and developments? LOL! That's a joke, right? I witnessed the same nonsense from idiotic bashers and axe grinders in MCZ, just before I made 700K on that stock. You are treating ALIF as though it was selling for $10, not a mere .60. We''ll just see how this one pans out. Even (and especially) if there are further delays, I'll be accumulating. Certainly trust management over a clown like yourself!

    • Hong Kong moron. You know where the auditers location is for the field office and the corporation is.

    • Because it sounds like none of you actually have a clue, the filing deadline is the 18th. After that, you are going to the pink sheets which is NOT GOOD in case you were wondering.

      ALIF is another Chinese fraud and Eberhad Schoenbarf is a crook. The lawsuit was "dismissed voluntarily by the plaintiffs and its counsel" which means it will pop right back up when the crook CEO does not file on time. I am actually surprised the lawyers would even bother because the company has no real assets in the first place.

      The CEO is trying to bury the bad news under worthless PR announcements which appear to be working because the stock has doubled from the recent low. Gotta love the latest PR - since when did filling out an application to sell apps on the Sony app store become PR worthy???

      The stock is, at best, going to the mid to low teens after it hits the pink sheets. Anyone on this board trying to convince you otherwise (hieronymous_blat) is protecting their interest and has probably been selling on the way up if they were smart. If you can't afford to lose money in this stock - SELL.

      ***When you finally take your loss, report this fraud to the SEC so others don't get hurt like you***

    • Keeping fingers crossed for May 16th.

      "The Company and BDO presently anticipate that such audit will be completed on or before May 15, 2011 and that the Company’s Form 10-K for FY 2010 and the Company’s 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31, 2011 will be filed at such time."

    • If they had real revenues and real $.19 in income they would put themselves on a legit exchange(NYSE, Nasdaq) You keep dreaming and I will stay grounded. I don't debate with people on a essage board regarding how much I make since anyone can make up anything. Good Luck and I hope we make a fortune but I think some people that can't afford to lose the money should see both sides.

    • I've been in this situation with late filing about four times in my trading career. Made lots of money every single time. I wonder how green you are. Do you even understand that a legitimized .19 for the year puts the stock's PE at less than 3!!!??? That is unheard of. If they can get the fifth largest accounting firm in the world to sign off on anything over .10, then the stock is ridiculously priced, even at a dollar! coming close to .19 will blow the lid off. They have legitimate products and are growing revs. -- IMO the filing will go a long way to proving it. These opportunities -- especially with the way this one came down (i.e. Rosen nonsense, stc.)-- make for a fairly rare opportunity. The E actually helped us by keeping the stock under the radar while we accumulate. The stock will move big and on high volume if the statement is good -- doesn't even matter that much if they delay again. Notice the volume at the moment is paltry. There are no sellers, just watchers.

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