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  • dgc1998 dgc1998 Aug 5, 1998 12:37 AM Flag

    Some advice on JC

    I know JC from some other boards. JC is what
    might be called "the all-around investor". He
    understands that a stock can be played many ways and there
    are people playing them all ways everyday. You can
    play them long, short, up, down, sideways and probably
    ways we can't even think of presently. None of them
    are wrong, they all make and lose money.

    you listen and think about what he says, you can
    learn and feel better about decisions that you make. He
    plays the devils advocate, which every stock needs. He
    also plays the stock. He doesn't sit on the

    He wants everyone to remember that investing is
    serious business and you have to stay on your toes.
    Everyone is your friend and everyone is your enemy. Your
    only true friend in the market is yourself. Do your
    "due diligence" on every stock and re-check your
    position all the time. Continue to ask yourself "why did I
    buy this stock"? If you believe in what your answer
    is, stand by it. There will be others posting here
    and elsewhere to make you believe "you" are wrong,
    not them.

    Remember, talking on a board doesn't
    make anyone "friends". We are investors for our own
    reasons and not someone elses. Stay strong, smart,
    informed and for sure ON YOUR TOES!

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    • enjoy the weekend .. time with the wife and the kids is
      the best investment you can ever make ...

      Talk to you next week ..

      Kind, eh ..


    • It is my wedding anniversary this weekend, so no
      books. Just the wife and kids.

      Besides, I burned
      all my accounting books at my college graduation
      party (pretty romantic with my girlfriend at the time,
      also a good bottle of champagne).

      Will need to
      get new ones.

    • I'll talk to you later this weekend ...

      ... and hit those accounting books

      Perhaps if you realize that our present accounting
      (Double-entry Bookkeeping) was invented by a priest as
      method to control and record transactions at the
      winery, it won't seem so "dry" ...

      Open a bottle
      of one of your fine west-coast wines (both
      and whites are superb) ... sit back .. and enjoy the
      of your labor ..

      Kind, eh ..


    • Yes, a good sign in that nobody was preared to
      sell their
      shares at these prices ... but of
      course, more volume would
      be nice ..

      I'm glad
      to see that you understand NASDAQ trading
      automatically divided by 2 ... also. MM's trading
      themselves is normally about 40% of a stocks volume
      "actual" trades are quite small.

      I wouldn't worry
      about the volume too much, though .. this is
      not a
      high volume stock, but the people who know it
      impressed and tend to be "investors" rather than

      As you can see from the 1-year chart, this is an
      but steady stock.

      Kind, eh ..


    • 1) The Art of Short Selling by Kathryn
      2) Common Stock and Uncommon Profits by Philip
      3) Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham
      4) The
      Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
      5) The Market
      Wizards and the New Market Wizards by Jack Schwager
      One up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
      7) Options as
      a Strategic Investment by Lawrence McMillan
      8) A
      Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel
      What Works on Wall Street by James

      I got more but that is a good start.

      • 1 Reply to dgc1998
      • I did take a small position today at $18 3/4 ...
        plus have
        another bid in at $17 3/4 ...

        Sorry ... for your sake I hope I don't get it .. of
        course, for
        my sake I hope I do ...

        In the Peter Lynch book you listed., he advises
        against trying
        to "catch a falling knife ... let it
        stick firmly in the ground first".

        My purchase
        now and the open bid are completely against
        advice ... so you see, dgc, I am far from being the
        investor you make me out to be .. (but thanks,

        Kind, eh ..