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  • Haf48 Haf48 Nov 11, 1999 7:03 PM Flag

    This dog's getting uglier & uglier!


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    • My brokerage account (MSDW) was adjusted to reflect dividend payment on the post-split shares about a week later with no action on my part. Thanks for your response.

    • Yes it happened to me also. Waterhouse paid on
      pre-split but Edward Jones paid on post-split shares. I
      talked to Carl Asai the CFO and he said he would confirm
      that dividens were tobe paid on post-split shares if
      Waterhouse would call him. His # is 503-439-5208

    • I don't understand what you mean? TMBS's target
      market is Constuction, period.... Estimating, Job
      Costing, Construction Accounting and Property

      They are a "off the shelf solution" vs. say JD Edwards
      which is very much a custom solution.

      companies specializing in the software are the VAR's. TMBS
      has no sales force.

      There might be some mom &
      pop home builder working off napkins and in their
      head. But you won't find them on the ENR 400 either.
      That is were the real construction takes place in this
      country. These companies are not working on napkins, they
      are computerized.

      I would not say TMBS has had
      poor performance either. Yahoo reports 53% growth the
      last 5 years, 39% this year and 23% for 2000.

      would say their growth rate has slowed, I would never
      call 39% growth poor performance.

      Still think
      you have some homework to do..


    • I understand the size of the economy...many of my
      family members own their own building and contracting

      My question is, how large is their target
      market? I noticed many companies specializing in
      deploying TMBS software. That tells me right off the bat
      its not "shrink-wrapped" software, which
      automatically eliminates much of building industry -- all the
      small mom and pop operations. I also know the typical
      mindset of these businessmen is to avoid software
      solutions -- most of their planning and estimates are on
      the back of napkins and in their head based on
      experience rather than formulas.

      FYI, everyone that
      can pass off poor performance on Y2K has taken the
      opportunity -- I think something else is affecting the sales

    • According to MSN the dividend will be paid tomorrow on the 23rd on post split. It don't seem right but that is what MSN Investor is saying.


    • Yes, my E*Trade account only relected dividends
      paid on pre-split shares. I have found, however, that
      they are sometimes behind by a day or so on reflecting
      splits or dividends in my account. Since my account is
      an IRA account, I figure it must take them an extra
      day to sort out the difference in street name and
      beneficial owner or something, I don't know. They do,
      however, have "glitches" in their posting of transactions
      and their reporting of positions and their
      currentness of information on occasion, so it is worth
      keeping an eye on...

    • The dividend which has been credited to my
      brokerage account was paid only on my pre-split shares.
      According to the company press release, it was supposed to
      be paid on the post-split shares. Has this happened
      to anyone else out there? Thanks. EOM

    • I have owned this stock for a long time and own a
      significant amount of shares. I step up to the plate when I
      see people trading it down for no reason and it
      reaches the lower end of its relative valuation.

      could always use a little T&A, but I will leave the TA
      (read technical analysis) for those quants who like to
      use it. About the only TA tool i look at is
      overbought/oversold indicators.

      You mentioned in your post
      ideas on least on TMBS I will almost
      always have a core position in the stock and will trim
      or add depending upon strict valuation metrics and
      fundamentals of the business.

      I was just having a
      little fun with the whole TA concept, glad someone at
      least caught it.

    • I'm game for you having a little fun with the TA
      concept, but do you have some other ideas on trading? What
      do you base your buy/sell points on? If you don't
      use at least a little TA what do you do? Throw

      TMBS is a very predictable stock and there are some
      great posts on this board, if you read them you might
      learn a thing or two from folks that have been trading
      this stock a while.

    • Looking it up in my handy dandy "How to lose your
      ass using stupid technical analysis terms" on page 69
      it explains...."the double reverse redeye pattern
      can only be determined to be in existence if both of
      these conditions are met...1)You had mexican or Indian
      food the night before and 2)you experience a "ring of
      fire" feeling where your butthole feels like the inside
      of a cigarette lighter".

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