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  • jamesbyrne354 jamesbyrne354 Mar 15, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    I have to warn the new potential BFDI longs about MCZ

    A certain few posters on this board pumped MCZ all the way to over $2 last has since crashed and burned leaving a lot of longs underwater big-time. BFDI has already been pumped from 12 cents to 70 do know how this story is going to end don't you? For a refresher, look at MCZ.

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    • Thanks for your concern..., but I wanted to point out a few things. First, Hopeful doesn't pump. He often will make the case for taking a long position, but he does so with facts, and educated opinions as to the opportunities facing a company. He does not "pump" a stock as that term is commonly used, i.e., the inverse of "bash." Hopeful always welcomes intelligent discourse as he has always shown to be able to recognize holes in his arguments and limitations on his knowledge.

      Second, I note that you did not point out when Hopeful was positive about DXPE at $5...which is now at a split adjusted price of $147. Or how about NTRI. Or KTCC. Or...I could go on.

      The point is that those who know Hopeful (as I have for about 8 years now) know that he is a disciplined investor who does not invest on whims, rumours, or because he read about a stock in a newsletter. He diligently studies their financials, their niche and their position against other companies within the niche. Does his research prove successful everytime? No, but nobody's does and Hopeful would be the first to tell you that.

      He has however, had more consistent success than anyone I know that cares to share how they invest with others on these boards. So much success, that I have molded my investment philosophy substantially after his approach. How has it done for me? A compounded 19% return for my entire portfolio over the past 7 years. I'll take that any time.

      So, the problem as I see it, is that you assume that since Hopeful's enthusiam for MCZ has proven (so far) to be misplaced, it means every other investment he makes must be bad. The evidence resoundingly proves otherwise, so I suggest you move along, or stay and learn about how to invest.

    • I am pretty familiar with MCZ and some of the "pumpers" you may be talking about.

      Weren't they also pumping it at 20 and 30 cents before it went up to $2?

      If you bought in late that is a shame. Did you put the order in or did they buy it for you?

      Be a man and take claim of your own buys and sells. If you bought at $2 and then you still own that their fault also?

      Maybe you should have asked their permission to sell.

      Suck it up and put your big boy pants on....dry you eyes and move on.

    • Looks like the BFDI pumpers are getting mad that I let out their MCZ secret. They're already giving me the thumbs down.

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