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  • jerrybutler13 jerrybutler13 Nov 6, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    Hopeful: I believe an apology is owed to me

    Everyone bashed me when I said this stock was going nowhere. Hopeful - you actually predicted the stock would be $1.50 by year end and between $5-$25 in the next 5 years. Here we are under 50 cents with zero volume and a contract that has been down for almost 7 months.

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    • hopeless predicted a year and a half ago that mcz would be $5 by last december
      as agent smart would say, he missed by that much -- which basically means he wasn't even in the ballpark parking lot. but that didn't stop him from opining all through this year that mcz was going to once again soar, this time on the back of the over-hyped (by him and his sycophant following) and over-priced mojo -- until the recent collapse of that company which has never been able to establish let alone maintain fundamentals

    • Yup, this BFDI board has a few seriously protective longs who will attack anyone that's not super positive, true. But you're still long at .60/share, right? In spite of you knowing that the stock was a bad pick. If you dont take your own advice, why would anyone else take it seriously?

      Are you holding or selling here?

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      • Fab there is something I would like to clear up in regard to your statement ("has a few seriously protective longs who will attack anyone that's not super positive ") We have gone on the offensive with Meifud and his multiple aliases,and I and others have with Bfrank. Meifud is a joke really but Bfrank has continually come on this board while holding no position and has bashed BFDI, after having given us TPCS and telling us to sell BFDI and buy TCPS. We all know how that turned out. If he or anyone wants to come here and give their honest opinion about BFDI that is fine, but when you continually post negative remarks this is nothing more than bashing and deserves to be countered. Why is it that no one seems to object to Bfranks comments other than us protective longs? If BFDI is not your choice of a stock great but it is mine and I will question those who bash for no apparent reason.

    • Fuddy, Hopeful has had your number for a long time. You're a smart guy, but face it, your not in his league and you never will be.

    • You have pursued me so hard today over at MCZ and now here....btw, I did not read the posts at MCZ, but the headings made things obvious.
      Assuming you have some sense of humor, you would have made someone a wonderful hound dog.
      I decided to tell you a few things here you already know, because you are a smart guy.....just an unhappy sort.
      First, someone who dislikes another as much as you do me, that person would not give a flip about my opinions; yet you clearly hold them in high regard.
      Second, if you think you need my apology, it follows that you also need apologies from many here who also like BFDI; yet again, you insult others with your post by making my opinion more noteworthy while it is not.
      Third, you raise my opinions to a level significantly beyond opinions. While I'm flattered, they remain opinions. A few weeks ago, my opinion that IFON was a good choice where it was trading looked pretty my opinion doesn't look as dumb. At this moment my opinions on BFDI look pretty dumb; I'm confident that you hope that continues.
      I've received opinions of many investors over the years that have led me to finding stocks. Some have fared real well and some have flopped. I've never felt that anyone should apologize for his opinions.....and I won't apologize for mine. I'm as entitled to my opinion as you are to bash me. You're the first I've read who wanted an apology for board opinions.
      Finally, whether you deny or not, I know who I'm writing to.....and as much as you despise me, I still like you. I can choose to focus on all the badgering or I can focus on the person I knew at one time as an excellent writer and investor in a certain setting.....the one time I recall where I witnessed you free of emotional jargon and objectively presenting your opinions. That's the person I keep in my mind.
      Since you believe obviously that BFDI will ultimately be a loser, why not objectively present the "hopeless" case here. I'll read it.
      Thanks and IMO,

    • Jerry this is getting old move on already. You can join Andy (Meifud) Barney Fife (Bfrank) and you can be Gomer. Shazam!!

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