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  • cindymlarsen cindymlarsen Dec 3, 2013 7:56 PM Flag

    New to the board - can someone help me?

    I would really like to short BFDI as I believe management's current silence clearly constitutes it's forthcoming bankruptcy. The problem is I checked with both TD and Scottrade and neither of them would let me short BFDI being that it's over the counter. Are there any brokers out there that you know of that would allow shorting of an ob stock? Thanks.

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    • new id with a "first post"
      why do you wish the worst on a company and it's employees?
      I do not care to profit from others misfortune. It is immoral
      I will not help you.

      • 3 Replies to shiftsuper175607
      • "I do not care to profit from others misfortune."

        nor do you like green eggs and ham, but you sure shall squeal in glee if'n a short squeeze were to occur! yessirree, you would just love to profit for the misfortune a squeeze would cause shorts, you sanctimonious sycophant who cannot think for himself

        best go check with your master now to get a contorted rebuttal ready. surely he can pull something out of his situational, self-serving, prideful and judgmental morality

      • and yet you would be happy if bfdi beat the competition which would hurt other companies and their employees. and you would be more than pleased if bfdi raised prices and gouged taxpayers

        sounds rather sanctimonious and self-serving of you, shifty, to be throwing rocks at shorts

        in fact, shorts are quite valuable in that they are recycling the money you and your master's other sycophants are otherwise throwing away. it really would have been money lost (yours) when this stock dropped from the .70's and nobody would have benefited (unless it finally forced you to open your closed mind) but the shorts were able to rescue all the money that was evaporating from your account and put it to use in our economy

        you really owe shorts a debt of gratitude but we suspect your false virtue and self-centered, conditional value system probably will not allow you to see it that way

      • Shorting is legal for your information. A few years ago, I shorted Borders all the way into bankruptcy because I knew their model would be a failure. This appears to be another great short with dishonest and now silent management and a major failed contract. I just wish their was a broker that would let me short it.

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