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  • papadop007 papadop007 Nov 21, 2008 5:31 PM Flag

    Anybody else see dow 7,500 comming

    I saw it coming also. It was inevitable. There is a lot of technical logic for it reaching 7500. Just look at the charts and it now makes sense. I recall the euphoria of stocks started in 1995 and that is where we have landed back down to. Now the question is whether the short sellers are really crazy enough to completely destroy Capitalism? If so, who would gain from such a world? Hopefully their greed will not morp into pure evil. There was a lot of volume yesterday and today. Hopefully it was short covering and outsiders coming back in.

    We may or may not see folks go to jail for all the mischief and fraud... but we sure will have some good books to read in the next 10 years. For all I know the plot maybe thickening. But if we live in a sane world, everything looks like it hit a perfect bottom: JPM to 20, BAC to 10, C to 3, DOW to 7500, SP500 to 750 etc....

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