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  • bookerone2000 bookerone2000 Aug 6, 2010 8:58 AM Flag


    Interesting that both of these companys came out with a stock offering one day apart.

    ARNA was for approx. $60 million with stock offering @ $6.70. However with ARNA I don't believe there were any warrants attached. Maybe they are better negoitiators then ALXA.

    Just waiting for decision by the FDA.

    Good luck all!

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    • great, I ask a legit question on ALXA price targets, and I get censored.

      Check my track record, dip$hytes.

    • sdmike85 Aug 16, 2010 11:18 AM Flag

      ALXA's financing was very small. Compare this to other companies such as DNDN.

    • +1. A move from $2.70 to over $7 seems like a lot, but the potential for ARNA is enormous, given the epidemic of obesity. Also, due to the mildness of Lorcaserin' safety profile (and some would say its efficacy), it will help the merely overweight, which includes 200 million Americans. When BLOOM-DM results are released in Q4, the market will open up for another 17 million diabetics, only they will be reimbursable instead of out of pocket.

      Fen-phen had 18 million prescriptions in 1996 before being withdrawn in 1997 for valvulopathy. 18 million prescriptions = $18 billion of revenue to Eisai, of which $6.5 billion flows to ARNA. Future dilution and 28 million warrants gets us to 150 million shares. Do the math.

      That said, this is the ALXA board, so I'll stop the pumping. I see upside with ALXA.

    • As a long time owner of ARNA I can chime in here. ARNA has been raising money through Deerfield for years and have many warrants outstanding with a strike price in the $3.30ish range so they are not better at doing financing deals. Actually, I don't like that they raise through Deerfield and bring so much hedge fund exposure to the Arena shareholders.

      Alexza on the other hand raised through RBC so you're going to get a more balanced ownership profile and we're guaranteed analyst coverage.

      I was actually starting to worry when Arena hadn't announced a funding event. I can't imagine not padding yourself before any FDA related decision. You need to have insurance and you need funds to get things moving once approval occurs.

      Alexza for sure did the right thing here. I have zero problem with this fund raising.

    • October 11th is decision date by FDA.

      Market for this drug application is anticipated at $500M. With 59.7 million shares presently out, sales would equate to $8.38 per share. The next step would be European approval.

      With the cash they had and addtional injection from stock issue, working captial should not be an issue going forward.

      Good luck all!

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