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  • eskane eskane Jul 23, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Who can tell me what in hell is going on????

    I am down abou t$3,500.00 on this stock in TWO DAYS! I researched it ... it passed all the tests ... I waited for a buy point. got in and suddenly it plunges .50 cents in two days. What did I miss here ???? I do not believe that INSIDWES are waiting to sell. There are a lot of them and they are holding. They advertize on TV a TON every day. Show what is happening with the stock price ???? Is this normal? I am worried about this one......

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    • ml953636 Jul 24, 2013 6:54 AM Flag

      I GOT LUCKY I SOLD BEFORE THE CORRECTION GETTING READY TO BUY BACK IN. Since June this stock has doubled it was due for a drop.

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    • What you have here is a healthy pullback after a huge runup, nothing more nothing less.

    • Just my $.02, but it seems like you have a couple things going on here. 1) Large run-ups over the last couple of months with 10x average volume - not individual investors. 2) Large declines in the last couple of days with similar volumes. Either the people who bought the stock deliberately pumped the price to take a profit now, or the departing director is taking his share all at once (assuming he had enough shares to cause the drop). In either case, I would have spread out the selling over a few more days to keep the price up. Personally, I like the company (earnings seem to be steadily growing and they pay a dividend). EPS is 13 which is not too bad. I'm still in the green for now, so I will wait for a couple days to see what happens next.

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      • great reply. I called IR this afternoon but of course did not call me back. Just seems like he left so quickly and the statement did not say anything. I read the terms when he got hired and it was a five year contract so I was just assuming that something happened so he left and selling his stock. But I will call again tomorrow and ask questions and when I find out I will post. If they dont call me back I just call someone higher up at the company. I feel like I have enough shares and as an investor I am entitiled to know what is going on. I will also tell them that their IR never returned my call. They have a IR for stockholders but if dont return calls they are not doing their jobs.

    • I think this was a possible set up by ? Happens every day in the market. You have 2 choices, sell and lose, or hold and perhaps it will go back up. I got a twinge in my wallet yesterday and hit the sell button, outhouse luck on my part. Good Luck

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      • i also agree set up do happen all the time.

      • also everytime i post i get 5 thumbs down. i have stalkers from another board. UNXL board. SO those are not red thumbs down they are red rubies! lol

      • no i thinnk that since the director quit they are selling the stock. we will know couple days when they file sec filing. Look at the finacials. Better than most stock that make no revenue. I a an investor. In couple weeks quarter report will be out and that will make it go back up again. I bought back over a month ago so i still ahead. But every month more earnings and some of their products yield 70% margin. This man built Liberty medical and then sold and then started this. Just something to do with the director up and quitting in one day. Must had disagreement. Also they had 10 percent at one time anyway. It is recovering now. besides 57% of stock is owned by insiders. I dont buy a lot of OTC stock but this one is different. Just my opinion.

    • aiwanowicz Jul 23, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

      I can tell you exactly what is going on. Morgan Dukes resigned he is director of Kinderhook partners. you will see a S4 in a couple days that outlines that they are selling. They have 4.4M shares to dump. Remember the business has not changed. This is a buying chance to get in.

    • if you find out, please let me know.

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      • Also read where the company that the director came from Kindlebrook (something like that) that company was holding 10% of stock so mabe they are selling it. But now have to wait on phone call. I going to call them every hour. This company is worth more tha 1.36 so might be time to add but I will just wait and see.

      • just called and of course had to leave message with another person. I will post. I did call both IR and both not available.

      • all i know is that the director resigned yesterday and yesterday they paid out the 3 cents dividend. but earning come out middle of august. so maybe that director is selling. he onl stayed two years. and his options were at 1.50. I should have sold at 1.90. But such is life. So just might be them selling. Has anyone called the IR? Myabe I will pick up phone right now and call and see what they say and I let everyone know.

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