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  • sy3dney sy3dney Nov 2, 2005 5:03 PM Flag

    New want ads today. Check 'em out

    Medical Director, Clinical Development

    ImmunoGen, Inc. is currently "expanding" its clinical development program and is recruiting a Director, Clinical Development to provide leadership and medical expertise in its clinical studies of novel therapeutics in oncology. This individual will report to the Vice President, Clinical Development.

    PS Computer at home still kaput :<(

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    • Hello sooner,

      A VERY important addition to your news on the "over 1 Million shares days";

      On the days in May '05, December '04 and October 04, the SIGNIFICANT NEWS that you highlighted happened ON THE DAY OF, or ON THE DAY BEFORE the specific Million Dollar Day.

      Also, with the "NO NEWS DAY" on April 26, '04, it was only the second day (first day was April 25, 2004) since April 08, 2002 tht IMGN traded over $10.00.

      Since the only IMGN news over the past few days has been the 10Q and the SHM (WHERE NO NEW NEWS IS ALLOWED TO BE ANNOUNCED), I have to assume that the November 8, 2005 Million Share Day is a day with no specific meaning.

      I guess we will find out when the Stock Market opens on November 9th (today), and also when IMGN releases any "HEADLINE NEWS" for November 9th (also today).


    • "We should know more after AACR/EORTC but it would really surprise me to get a commitment to enter the clinic there."

      No--it won't come there but we should get a hint at what and who.


    • "Won't put Oppy on ignore, but he ranks right there with the board members he frequently interfaces with."

      Heck, on further thought, I probably won't put him on ignore either because, unlike others, I don't believe he is malicious on purpose.

      Great rebound for IMGN today. Let's hope we can get some news and get out of this hole we are in.


    • Sooner, out of curiosity did the volume come before or after the announcements. In the past I've been very impressed by how little happened with the stock before a major announcement.

      We know today there were some major block trades, they accounted for over half the volume. While they no doubt involved institutional investors for the most part, I've got to believe a major institutional holder sold in addition to the institutional buyer.

      I'd love all the speculation about Her2-DMx to be true, but it wouldn't disturb me at all if DNA had developed another MAB that it believes could be even better than Herceptin for breast cancer, especially if they've chosen IMGN to develop a conjugate drug with it.

      We should know more after AACR/EORTC but it would really surprise me to get a commitment to enter the clinic there.


    • During the last two years volume over one million shares in one day occurred four times. There was no news on one of those occasions. Lets hope it is not a repeat of April 26, 2004


      May-03-05 - 2,202,000 - $5.67 - Genentech's Renewal of Technology Access Agreement

      Dec-29-04 - 1,346,200 - $ 9.10 Centocor Has Licensed Certain Rights to ImmunoGen's Tumor-Activated Prodrug Technology Dec. 28, 2004

      Oct-06-04 - 1,675,500 - $5.60 BIOGEN IDEC AND IMMUNOGEN, INC. TO COLLABORATE

      Apr-26-04 - 1,276,400 - $10.88 No announcement

    • bought in at 5.37,and next thing i know imgn pops to 5.69 and closes with over 1 million shares,say what???????how is this possible.someone got some great news on imgn,no questions asked!!!!!!!!

    • "The analyst probably reviewed the DNA poster titles for the AACR and came to the conclusion that our mistery partner is DNA. Lets hope it is herceptin. that could put us over ten."

      Although I posted a few months back that I thought DNA would move ahead with an IMGN conjugate due to the obvious effort DNA has put into studying TAPs and the resultant patents, I have tried my best to put that possibility in the back of my mind. The recent DNA renewal brought it all back to the forefront for me. It falls into the too good to be true category--might even be good enough for a temporary $2 pop. The idea of IMGN's DMxx going into human trials with an already approved drug is a mindblower.


    • I agree. Nothing at the meeting would do what we saw today. Price with volume equals news and my guess it is an analyst upgrade. The brokerage clients got the news today, and it will be public in a day or two. The analyst probably reviewed the DNA poster titles for the AACR and came to the conclusion that our mistery partner is DNA. Lets hope it is herceptin. that could put us over ten.

      How would you feel if you were the bonehead selling in the 5.20 range today? Well it feels good to have been buying under 5.50 last week.

      Here's to a big and prolonged relly!


    • Unless Dr. Sayre slipped in his sidebar conversation, which I doubt, today's volume and price action is due to someone hearing something other than at the annual meeting that they really liked. The extreme volume hints at news to come--retail is always the last to know.


    • Did you notice that not one of the board proposed questions was acknowledged by him?

      Oh yes.

      "Poorbioman might be poor in IMGN profits, but he definitely is also poor in other departments."

      I don't know about you but I spent at least one-half hour thinking of some decent questions that I thought Dr. Sayare would answer. If Oppy38 doesn't respond appropriately, he will be put on the ignore list that consists only of Larry McIdiot, johnmccain3030/spyderman, zenboots, and the multiple id pornoposter. I only put extreme losers on ignore.


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