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  • chinesehamsters chinesehamsters Oct 26, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    So How is This a Surprise?

    All along we have known that IMGN would be getting a mid-digit royalty on TDM1. That means 5%. So they finally disclose the number that we have know was the number for the past few years? What number were the analysts using then? Seems like an excuse to smack the stock price down to me.

    On a related topic. I really wonder what Junius and his biz development people are doing with their time since no biz is developing. IMGN has one of the most promising approaches for the next phase of oncology treatment that their is and it seems to me that they are just waiting for people to come knocking on their door.

    So here are some more ideas for you Junius, since your biz development guy is not doing anything. How about you guys get out of the office and go knocking on some doors. Go to any company that has a monoclonal antibody approved for an oncology indication and offer to conjugate it for them and do some proof of concept experimentation. Do it on your dime. If the data looks good enough, then maybe you can ink a deal with them. See, its not hard to come up with an idea. Here is another one. Partner with Curis on their Hedgehog inhibitor. See if you can use your linker technology to conjugate that to an antibody. If you could get that into a solid tumor site then wow, that is a whole new untapped market, and a big one. Please do something, anything. You have lined your little nest with plenty of stock options, your getting paid lavishly well for nothing right now, see if you can impress the share holders and the staff at your company. If all of this is too difficult then leave. Let someone that is more capable sit in your office.

    Chinese Hamsters

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    • CH, you should send your ideas directly to IMGN, it's not difficult to figure out their email addresses. I contacted several BOD members via linked-in suggesting they replace Dan with Howard Pien at least in the interim (he turned around and sold MEDX) and consider all options including a sale. I am tired of spending so much time on this company, 20+ years and the stock price has done nothing, only the CEO, CFO and CSO are getting rich. I have no issues with the CSO, he deserves it and more. I hope you attend the annual meeting, if I lived anywhere near Boston I would go.

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