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  • insidetrack22 insidetrack22 Oct 26, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    IMGN very under-valued and here is why...

    IMGN is current pricing reflects the lousy deal IMGN struck with Roche (3% royalty). However, IMGN is worth much more than this. Once FDA approved TDM-1 + Herceptin, I predict IMGN will be $18 since this will validate that TDM-1 platform is real and works. I would not be surprised if IMGN get s bought out at this point because an approved TDM-1 (cornerstone of many chemo therapy) is worth gold. With a validated TDM-1 technology platform, IMGN has limitless potential to partner and contract with various biotech companies (much better royalty agreements since TDM-1 is FDA approved and validated). Depending on how many partnerships IMGN price should easily reach ($20-$25) range (something that analyst at this point cannot even begin to calculate). Given that IMGN has numerous products in the pipeline future revenue potential is secured with TDM-1 taking the lead. Today, IMGN is on the verge of changing the way we practice oncology medicine, if one really undertands the significance of TDM-1 technology, this is definintly a golden buying opportunity. Unfortunately the average investors and analyst are myoptic, have no understanding of science, and behaves like sheeps (herd mentality). If you can live through today with no margin calls, you will be very well rewarded for your patience and vision in the near future.

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    • Don't assume that people are stupid.I'm long and have not sold any shares today. bio is right we need new management. My opinion we should concentrate on no more than two drugs.We are all over the place with are pipeline and burning cash.

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      • Actually management did make some good moves. They diluted the stock at the optimal moment to raise the most amount of cash. If shares were not diluted, today's -0.30 EPS would have been worse. Out of desperation, contract negotiated with Roche was not the best deal but a revenue stream was still made possible to survive. I have nothing against cash used for R&D and product development, but I do have an issue with cash burn for personnel compensation especially when there is no product on the market yet. As for people who sold today, they either sold because of margin calls or they only value imgn based on the Roche deal rather than seeing IMGN as a whole.

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    • This $10.00 UBS call is remeniscent of human genome driven down hard prior to Glaxo purchase. If the get it down to 10, Roche will buy for 20. Why did all the insiders buy in July at 15.23? They surely were aware of Roche royalties. Also those big institutional buyers that bought at the $16.00 offering, think they didn't know?

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    • do you have any info about when Roche can make an offer. is there any clause that doesn't let them own more than say 5% of the stock? thanks. or anyone?

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