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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Oct 29, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    Who is attending the meeting? Questions that need to be addressed

    We need a strong advocate with a backbone to challenge management on several matters:
    -losing Roche's ADC business to SGEN after T-DM1
    -poor handling of the Roche agreement with shareholders and the analyst community (lieing/misleading for years, IR must go) how will they repair the damage they have done to IMGN's reputation, why did they not do the simple math and discuss the minor difference in $ terms between 5% and the actual deal. At $5-8BB+ in sales, it's small!!!
    -why do they employ 2 Bus Dev pros if, as they say, there are no more deals to be made
    -need to address the 901 linker, is it old technology and if so, why are they not updating the linker before spending millions on developing a potentially ineffective product, go back to the drawing board, nobody believe's it's a real product anyway.
    -what are they doing to sign new deals for conjugating the top MAb's, or other products
    -why is Junius continually not prepared for analyst questions on the cc, one analyst threw Junius a slow pitch over the middle about the future business model (becoming a fully integrated bio-pharma) and he stammered, opined, talked and said nothing like he has never really thought about it...he whiffed

    I am sure others can add to this list. I contacted 6 BOD members after the debacle to request they remove Junius and others, CFO, IR and hire Pien to turn things around and/or sell the company. Others shareholders should do the same. You can bet some of the $16 buyers are in contact with the company, or their lawyers, or both.

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