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  • chinesehamsters chinesehamsters Dec 4, 2012 3:28 PM Flag

    Let's Give it a Rest

    I think we have all persecuted Junius enough for now. Were not going to change anything with our influence. I don't think we want the board to degenerate into a complaint forum. Managing Wall Street's expectations is a very crucial thing for the guy in charge to do. So let's wait and see if Junius learned something from his experiences in 2012. He is actually getting out there and touting their wholly owned 901 molecule that actually looks quite promising right now. Consider the TDM1 has validated their approach to conjugation along with the early data, and it is looking like another TDM1 in the making. The difference is, 901 is for small cell lung cancer, which is one of the holy grails that many biotech companies have tried for.

    We will also be seeing some data out of ASH this month, some of it from 901. I urge you folks to go to the Prohost web site and read some of his articles on Immunogen. He does a wonderful job of putting things in the proper context. Immunogen has been oversold, mostly due to the short sightedness of the so called analysts, who by the way have never gotten the picture right for TDM1. Prohost spells it out perfectly I think. I only differ on his estimate of potential sales of TDM1, I think it may approach the $7 to $8 billion range worldwide.

    Chinese Hamsters

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