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  • chinesehamsters chinesehamsters Mar 1, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    OT: CRIS

    CRIS having quite a nice day. Seems people suddenly noticed this little company with an approved drug and sales on the increase, with a nice royalty structure with their partner Roche. If Erivedge gets any further label expansions it will turn into a blockbuster. Pretty similar story to our IMGN here. Happy sequester day by the way everyone.

    Chinese Hamsters

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    • Hamsters, you turned me on to CRIS a couple of years ago. Yes, related to IMGN as precocious sibling, with common Roche stepfather. Posters here on IMGN board mostly excellent, CRIS board is a worthless madhouse. BTW, thx for lead to 901 presentation slides on IMGN website, but as a non-scientist, waay over my head, although I puzzled over them for a while. IMO, CRIS will get bought out before IMGN, which is hampered by the "why buy the cow when you get the milk for free (or, rather at 3-5%)" theory.

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      • OT: biobottom, if you want to visit a decent board for CRIS, go over to the google discussion board. To get there, get a quote on cris and scroll down to the bottom right and click on discussion group. Unfortunately it has degraded somewhat mostly due to a single poster but you will find much better discussion over there than on yhoo. I have to admit, I have succumbed to his baiting and I am guilty of nonsensical posts. You will find some very good information on that site and there are some very good prospects for the upcoming year. Hopefully we get some follow through this week in terms of price and volume action.

        Curis is my single biggest investment in terms of dollars invested but due to its recent fall and sgen's rise over the past year, sgen now makes up a larger percentage of my portfolio followed by cris then imgn. I started buying cris 9 years ago and still believe it will take off and I am very disappointed by its weakness over the past year but have been buying from $5 down to $2.90. I believe it has a ton of potential.

        Hopefully 2013 turns out to be as successful as I hope for my top 3 holdings. I don't think IMGN will follow in CRIS's footsteps with subpar sales of Kadcyla the way CRIS' Roche drug Erivedge has disappointed in the past year. Kadcyla has a much higher likelihood of a very successful launch were Erivedge was pathetic so far but that will turn, at least I hope so. If IMGN follows many post launch price swoons, I think I will be adding to my position. It seems that there is a strategy of shorting stocks after approval since sales after approval tend to disappoint but I can't see that happening with Kadcyla and actually hope we get some weakness so I can get a few more shares on sale. Good luck.

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    • Glad for you and the other IMGN longs that own CRIS, but happy to be out of CRIS and in ACAD, which is up 6% on huge option and strong stock volume. Something positive appears to have leaked, could be a partnership deal in the works. IMO/speculation.

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