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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Apr 15, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Insider selling undermines investor confidence

    What will investors think the next time an IMGN insider sells stock? They will think negative news is coming soon thanks to James O'Leary. Contact the SEC, company execs, or BOD and let them know what you think. $18-14's since Thursday. Here we go again IMGN!!! Just wait, execs are no doubt salivating about the decline and planning to award themselves more low-priced options. Wait until Cramer turns on Junius, he doesn't like being duped in public. Change needs to happen soon!

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    • This irks me so much. When I first came to this message board and saw rants against the CEO and other chief executives, I was skeptical. Since then, I've seen such poor control by these people that I'm amazed. Every time they are passed the ball, they drop it.

      Now this insider trading thing- Is there any real reason he shouldn't go to jail if he traded with the knowledge that there was going to be bad news?

    • It's not the first time this is happening ...many times in the past Cramer has projected IMGN in public and invited the CEO in his show and the very next day there would be a sharp decline in share price ! I really doubt his credibility along with the CEO !

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      • you can't blame Cramer for believing Junius. Junius has fooled Cramer 2x now. The last time IMGN did an offering was shortly after Junius pumped the stock on Cramer's show. If I were in Cramer's shoes I would never invite him back and never make positive comments in public again.

        As expected, shorts are having their fun, trying to shake the trees and cover at the lowest possible price. Covering/buying 8.5MM shares of a stock that trades 500K/day is very difficult.

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