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  • dogggybreath dogggybreath Aug 7, 2013 4:00 PM Flag


    OK which one of you squealers bought at $20?????????? LOL ya silly!!!!!

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    • There's the reliable bottom sign we have been waiting for. I see IMGN is already up in the AH on your post. Most of the squealers that post hear are in at $7-8 and know better than to buy the spikes. Some are new and I am trying to train them on trading IMGN. Keep up the good work and God Bless you doggybreath!

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      • I think your call was prescient after all! Remember when shortdafatpig would weigh on every time IMGN went down a nickel...back in the single digit days? He kept calling for under 5 bucks and strutted his "genius" based on no real evidence. Then came the inexorable move up and he disappeared. The only bizarre post was the time he "confessed" to being a biotech wizard and deigned to help someone with medical issues? It was weird to say the least. Anyway, now he's long gone and now we have liberal_love who seems to have taken a break from his constant ridicule and bashing...again based on no little or no factual support. At least shortdafatpig posted his alleged trades and bragged about all the money he was making. I don't think liblove has done that. One does wonder why bashers spend so much time on message boards. And no, I don't think he's a paid basher...I just think he's a newbie with very short term outlook and very little real experience in the ways of young biotech companies with real products and more in the pipeline

      • I think i'm going to need more lessons, bio.

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